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  1. Olber blocks almost everyone, even me.
  2. Umm well I had an idea to make TG's Times or something...
  3. TOO much chatspeak. I can't understand...sheesh
  4. my favorite band is Linkin Park my favorite singer is....umm..hilary duff!
  5. They aren't my fave. (LINKIN PARK is! ) But they're pretty good
  6. I'm SOO making a comic! Gr8!
  7. Nah..not last year. I don't like tamagotchi anymore...so I don't exactly know. Just pick something that they do, and make fun of it. That's what I'd do.
  8. Oh yeah! I haven't seen you much OM123, but you seem nice! Congrats!
  9. Hey spiffy! You're so nice! I knew you'd be a guide !
  10. Um...you guys don't have to be so rude. And, crazydaisycarli, say Congrats! I was really excited when I had my 300th post. But try avoiding making these topics. You can see why...
  11. Well, it looks perfectly fine to me!
  12. tamagirl1092, I have to agree with you ALOT...Olber, actually (and maybe even you Sweet Kandi) your avatars are kind of disturbing...I've seen alot of inappropriate ones with bad stuff in them, but they've been removed. ~tamagirl777 (PS- haha ML, I copied your sig )