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  1. I buy the Genie lamp and used it and he gave me points.
  2. I always put my tama in my pocket and put the sound off.But one time i forget to put the sound off and it Beep and everyone was looking at me including the teacher but i said it was not me it was Leslie(a classmate of mine)and the teacher belive me and so she take Leslie's tama for one week.
  3. I love Get,i hate Bump,i like Sprint,i don't like memory and i don't understand Heading.
  4. My tama V3 have like 4 sratches and his batery is dead,but it works perfet.
  5. What do you guys are talking about? I yust don't get it.
  6. I am a surfer girl and a tomboy.
  7. I hate my principal because if we use tamas in recces she takes the tamas away and she gives us warnings for that stupidity.I cant belived.
  8. that is totally wierd
  9. U now fluffums i was telling that to inform her that i alredy new OKAY? so anybody is angry,GOT IT.
  10. I vote for the love potion.I used on my friend's tamagotchi but the macthmaker appear and she accidentaly press YES and so she married another tama and she left me behind.