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  1. If the characters fought, Sonic would win. Mario can jump on stuff and shoot (fairly slow) fireballs. Sonic can jump higher, run faster, and use an almost-lock-on attack to crush Mario in his tracks. Also, the games are more fun, and the old games were incredible challenges. The oldest game I can beat is Sonic Adventure 2 (Battle is the same)
  2. I don't know, but this post will tell me when I signed up. April '06.
  3. Why do people care about the graphics? As long as I can tell what's going on, it doesn't matter to me. I measure a game on game play alone.
  4. I thought they stopped using pounds. It's Euros, now, right? I thought "pounds" meant weight at first, so I was like "If I had a Blue whale...
  5. I MAY eventually get a DSi, but the only way I'm getting a DS Lite is if my current one breaks. Why do I have a better chance of getting a DSi quickly? It's not gameboy compatible (game wise)
  6. Meh, I don't know. No matter what, it's incredibly difficult.
  7. That, once again, depends on the species. Most species of Betta are mouthbrooders, and all other Gouramis (including the remaining bettas) make bubble nests, both of which are way to protect fry. Cichlids will also protect their fry, or at least some of them. But, if the store told you they were male and female, I'd buy another female, as they're probably livebearers, so just put them together. Females can get stressed out by too many males, so get double the females than males. Also, has the original poster even been on since this topic was started? ;.;LEEWhit;.;, goldfish can breed, but they need a pretty big tank because they need to grow to at least a foot (which can be prevented in a small tank) and you'll need a male and a female. So it's probably a guppy or something.
  8. I don't even have that... I do have three tanks, though. They're just all small.
  9. Actually, there's a better-than-not chance that either your fish CAN'T become pregnant and lays eggs, or is impossible to breed in captivity. You never know. Unless you know the species and do tons of research.
  10. For guppies, mollies, and platys, and the like, just keep them together. All others need some work (for example, for danios, you need to vaccum the eggs and hatchlings out in your water change)
  11. ... I'd like a biotope tank. That'd be pretty cool.
  12. Gouramis are technically omnivores, but can be annoyed by fast fish, apparently Danios in particular. hanatchi99: Zebras and leopards are cool. Get another of the same species or something, they're cool and it's best when you have varying colors. They can't tell the difference, and the varieties include Zebras, Leopards, Golds, Blues (rarer), and three varieties of GloFish in the US.
  13. I learned that baby Zebra Danios are REALLY good at hiding. EDIT: I might have learned that yesterday...
  14. Yesterday there was a torn up squirrel in my yard. Two years ago, my friends and I saw a baby squirrel which chased us around, not because we were scared, but because it was fun
  15. I bought a container to store baby fish. A little late, as I had had them for three hours and they had lived in a bucket that time