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  1. I can help you! See you have to get a tamatchi. Then, she'll grow up to be a mametchi! Hope I helped!
  2. I'm sorry tamatalks I didn't know!
  3. I'm sorry i didn't know! I was just trying!
  4. It just happens you can't get them easily!
  5. It's not nice to say that and so what I've had that character # times already on my tamas.
  6. It's just what tama's do to say i like you!
  7. For my tama character I got the kuchitamatchi he won't let me do much I want to do! He won't let me buy the stuff in the shop even if i have enough points for it! I'm on 2g and he won't let me see my parent! Which I really miss her! Please does anybody know about him? Or have had him? Please HELP! I really need it! I'll put you on my freind list or something! P.S He's number 6 on the tamatalk character chart! PLEASE HELP! please please help!
  8. Thanks Oh, and if you see any of my topics reply to them! I'm gsilone!
  9. I have a few tips for you. If you're about to get a password from the king, travel agency or anything else keep a paper & pencil in handy because I got a password and before I got a paper & pencil the password dissapered! I got really mad! So rember that tip! Hope I helped! Bye Oh, and reply if it helped!
  10. Did you say your tama's won't connect? Well if they won't all you have to do is press the B button 1 more time while their connecting and they should connect. Hope I helped! P.S I don't think the matchmaker is ugly!
  12. It's a glitch and please get to me on my matchmaker!