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  1. Hi KP~~ OIC!! Now I got it!! many thanks to your help!!!
  2. When I get into the book icon, I found "Family". Inside, they had "History" & "Parent". Can someone pls. tell me how does the "History" works? Coz' I'm now the 3rd generation but still, I don't have any history. What does the "History" means? MANY THANKS!!
  3. I'd donate 13,004pts and I received a password from my Tamagotchi. However, when I tried to use this password to visit the king, it said my password is incorrect!! Also, I got a password after the trip, and again, it said it's incorrect!!! can any one help me?? What happen?? I'm SURE that I'd wrote down exactly what it gave me in the Tamagotchi. Please help!!!
  4. I just go to "IR function", and choose "v3" -> "visit"... both me and my friend had the word "stand by" blinking... then it return to normal after few seconds... is that I should press the middle button while it had "stand by"? is that there are no age restriction on communicating with others? I can visit others even my Tamagotchi is only 1 year old?
  5. My Tamagotchi can't communicate with others!! What should I do? Is there any age restriction on IR connection?