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  1. I watched the Ms. Swan clips on youtube. They're funny!! And my teacher is named Ms. Swan! XD our whole class makes jokes about it all the time!
  2. Yes, I agree, it stinks when boys think their better then us girls... Women are very strong in many ways. So are men. We are all equal. Us women though go through childbirth. I haven't experienced it personally... but from what my mother says, it's painful. I think that one of the reasons girls are strong. I have always thought professional sports where unfair towards girls. Girls should be able to play on pro baseball teams, and football teams too. With men! Girls can do whatever boys can and boys can do whatever girls can.
  3. Once during Geography we where in the computer lab and the class was super quiet for once. So, Kaida gets all worried, and she asks Morgan, the girl next to me, "Hey, Hey Morgan, are we allowed to talk?" and she asks kinda loud, so Morgan and I start to crack up, and Morgan says, "I don't know, ask Mrs. K" so Kaida yells across the room to Mrs. K, and says, "MRS.K, ARE WE ALLOWED TO TALK!?!?!?" When it was super quiet! Everyone started to laugh. My Best Friend and I look randomly at eachother and we start to laugh randomly during class... Once I was at school, and I was reading FMA while walking down the stairs and I tripped, and crashed into the wall. x.x It was funny! This guy in my class, Jacob, he'll say all the time, "Gosh, your so flumpy!" Once I was describing the concept of what a purple snow leopard was to Jermaine, a short shrimp in my class (AKA: Jermy), and I told him that purple snow leopards eat short people that are annoying, and he ran away. ^-^ YES! And once during lunch, my BFFL Kati, she and I where fighting, and she stole my purse from me, and she threw it back at me, and I was eating a salad with a bunch of dressing on it, and the purse hit the salad, and it landed in my lap. It was funny. And in the lockeroom in gym, the girls randomly burst into song and dance. A few days ago they where doing some dance. lol heh, good times, good times.
  4. I think my username speaks for itself. Final Fantasy all the way! I am currently playing KH2, it's pretty good. But I am also playing FFX-2, and I think FF is better then KH. But that's what I think.
  5. "Lables are for cans". I love that quote. If someone gave me a 'label' It would either be, annoying, prep, or...evil. or maybe wierd and quiet at school...I don't know. But people, don't get caught up in the clique lable stuff. It gets annoying. Besides, people who give you lables are probally jelous of you in some way if they give you a bad one. So just don't get caught up in it as I said. Once again, "Lables are for cans."
  6. I know! I wana be a voice actress! Like Tara Strong, my idol. Hmm...I guess I'll vote actress, since I want to be a type of actress. yay. I may try out though when I'm old enough for Ms. Teen US though, but thats a maybe. I want to model just a little. little...like 1% of my time. The rest will be Voice acting.
  7. Teachers...I have ...a few! Mrs.BiPolar Before anyone gets confused, BiPolar isn't her last name. I call her that because she one second is all, "Hello Class..." all nice and the next second she is yelling at someone! Well, one of the girls in my class, after teacher was done talking, got up to throw a piece of trash away. Teacher got all BiPolar on her. >,< It was scary. And she thinks that no one pays attention. My sister used to have her and she said that the teacher cried. Mrs.I only like preps who are hyper and not playing the P.E. game Our girl gym teacher gave the hyper preps that talk during the P.E. games a better grade than me and my friends who don't talk! So I'm stuck with a B and the talkers have an A. Not fair right? Mr. I give you something to study but half of it isn't on the test This teacher, after we do our homework, we put it in folders to study. He tells us to circle scertan questions. If you only study those, you'll probally only get a...about 55% if your lucky. So I study everything. And I still get a bad grade. He is also veerrryyy unorganized. And...people made rumors about him and that he had a boil that he plays around with during class. And he also spits. I don't like him. And if you do something, he'll say, "I can't fix stupid!"
  8. Buy the houses thing, your right, some of those places would cost alot but hey, A girl can dream, can't she? I wasn't being serious about the houses. Besides, how could I travel to all of those places only during the summer? lol. But, I want a summer home somewhere to the east. I wana get out of America...just for awhile.
  9. America...or...the U.S.A. My sister is going to Australia during ... The summer. For some People to People thing. And I'm doing a report for english about Romania. My friend is doing Malta. I wana go to England or somewhere like that. My sister is a lucky duck.
  10. ...I have college paid off...so thats no bother... hmm... 1. Buy summer homes in Paris, Barcelona, Toyoko, Hawaii, and...London! XD 2. Buy mum and dad a nice house down in the country away from the big city for when they get older... 3. Put some in the bank (5,000) to save up and gather intrest 4. Have German language lessons 5. After lessons are finish and I can speek German, go visit the rest of my family in Germany 6. Visit other family that I haven't seen in a while. 7. Buy anime and manga and...electronics...and stuff. 8. Give rest to chairty.
  11. I have seen one in my house, but I never have seen it again. But I had wierd happenings which makes me beleive that the ghost is still there. I don't feel like typeing them becasue I have typed them a million times. I have also herd, had stories that are freakishly real and proof showed to me, and Witnesses. I'm a pure gost beleiver.
  12. ^ has a winnie the pooh avatar >Is a Final Fantasy X-2 fan all the way v Likes...Green day
  13. I'm probally on...15 out of 24 hours a day (At the most). It's only because I have my own laptop that I can use all day... But of course, I get out of the house! I do have a life! ^-^