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  1. spongebobiac

    What Web Browser do you use?

    I use Firefox, but I really should switch to Chrome. I've heard so many good things about it.
  2. spongebobiac

    Whats your favorite Nick show?

    Does Danny Phantom count? /D Cause I love that to bits. I mostly watch Nicktoons lately, to avoid burning my eyes out by accidentally watching iCarly, haha. But I do enjoy BTR.
  3. spongebobiac

    Rate the person above's Avvie game!

    ten billion/10 It's pretty. & colourful. & America. So it is amazing.
  4. spongebobiac

    What are you listening to now?

    Scrubs: My Musical the soundtrack. I'm hilarious.
  5. spongebobiac

    Bands/Singers You Think Are Overrated

    Oh my gosh, so many. Cobra Starship and Never Shout Never are my main two.
  6. spongebobiac

    Other tabs/windows?

    The Wikipedia article on Nightcrawler Episode 1 of Hatsukoi Limited on WatchAnimeOn Tamagotchi Role Play TamaChat This topic. Facebook.
  7. spongebobiac

    What's a random fact about you?

    If there is even one little eraser shaving on my paper, I can't focus on what I'm writing/drawing/schoolworking. I find Ohio a horribly boring place to live. I haven't taken off most of my bracelets since fifth grade, and I'm in eighth now. 8D
  8. spongebobiac

    Rate the person above's Avvie game!

    10 / 10 <33 Russia <3
  9. spongebobiac

    Rate the Siggy above you!

    10/10 Short siggies are always fabulous. 8D
  10. spongebobiac

    What's your hair color?

    Brown, but some say I have blonde-gold highlights.
  11. spongebobiac

    my BFF need ur help!

    You're not going to be able to fix that. Tamagotchis, last I checked, have LCDs, or Liquid Crystal Displays. Once they're broken, they're broken. I suppose you might be able to replace it, but that's probably not worth the trouble when you could just buy a new Tamagotchi and it would be alot easier.
  12. spongebobiac

    Is it possible...

    Once my v2 or v3 evolved when it was sleeping, but I think it was very early morning rather than night time. But hey, it could happen.
  13. Generally, in my past experience, Tamagotchis are pretty durable and won't break too badly unless you purposely slam it into the ground, or if it drops from a very, very high place. The most that will happen is the shell will get a dent or two. This is only from my own personal experience though, and since I stopped buying new Tamagotchis after v4, I'm not sure how strong newer editions are.
  14. spongebobiac

    What time did you go to sleep last night?

    About one in the morning.