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  1. I can't believe no one has said this yet... o.o GAMESTOP Is my favorite store. =]
  2. I saw Pucca. I don't usually watch that show, but there was nothing better to watch. 5/10
  3. I haven't gotten a new bookbag yet. But when I do, i'll post the picture. =D The one I had in 6th grade was a light pink Jansport, for 7th grade I had a dark pink Messenger Bag where I wrote my name in Black Sharpie, and 8th grade I had another messenger bag. The one I had for 8th grade was light pink, and had about 12 hidden pockets! =D
  4. I only managed to watch about four episodes, but I still love that show! =D
  5. Cartoon Heroes [Dance Dance Revolution Version] No idea who it's by.
  6. It's true. I know Spanish, and I'm trying to learn Japanese and some Japanese words sound like Spanish words so it helps me a lot. I also plan on learning Latin and Italian after I've mastered Japanese.
  7. I have more favorites, but I'm not going to post links to all 23+ so if you want to see all my favorites, go here.
  8. I'm mainly Tomboy. I hate shopping with all my heart. [unless i'm shopping for Video Games. But that's a different story. xD ] Then again, my favorite color is Pink and I like Glittery Nail Polish.
  9. I can flare my nose. [but I don't really think that's weird...] I can also imitate almost anybody's laugh. I just have to hear it a few times. =D