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  1. Love the Tama story!

  2. But it can't be just a coincidence that -every- time I see that cash register animation that the only thing they're selling is food
  3. although I can't tell if it just happens randomly or if pressing a button makes it pop up
  4. It seems like it's a food shop, not just a different animation. The channel changes and a picture of a cash register-esque looking thing pops up and says "SALE!" or something like that. The only items are food.
  5. How long did it take you to get yours? Mine is coming form hong kong x_x Auuugh I'm going nuts it could be weeks until I get it
  6. Is this the one you got?
  7. Ah thank you! It's definitely Australian then How cool
  8. >_> Yeah that's why I spent extra money on a non-american one >_>;; PS I'm starting to think that this is an english Familitchi released in Asia? They do speak english over there. I say this becauuuse on the back it says to go to, which is an english website even. It's confusing x_x
  9. Yeah I belieeeeve that it is an australian one? I'm not really sure. I assume it's not a japanese one since it's all in english Here's a picture of the packaging it comes in: And here's the back of it: As you can see the package is completely in english. Now I have no idea what country this tamagotchi is from o_o Can anyone confirm what this is?
  10. Yeah I got it from ebay double the price of a normal american one x_x I just really really really wanted that fun key thing! It's coming from Hong Kong so who knows how long that's gonna take
  11. I really just loved this design and I REALLY wanted a European/Australian (whichever this is) tamagotchi because the american ones don't come with that little key keychain. Wahoo!
  12. Thank you! That means I WAS TOO LATE AUGHHH X_X I hope my uramemetchi has a baby boy then so I can get one of the other two next time
  13. This may have been asked before but I haven't seen it answered anywhere I have a UraMemetchi. It can evolve into the special peacock looking tamagotchi right? I've learned that I need like 350 of the um >_> What are those skill points called? The cutesy ones. And then I need 450 altogether or something like that? But how long do I have to make this happen? Somebody said they thought that if the matchmaker already made a visit it's too late for your tamagotchi to evolve. Is this true?
  14. People need to read more closely. "THEN GLITCH HAPPENS WHERE U GET 300 TAMA POINTS AGAIN AND AGAIN AS LONG AS U KEEP CLICKING!" They're saying that you KEEP getting 300 pts over and over again. Not just 300 pts once.