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  1. chez cheeeeeez. wut up dawg
  2. snyff i had a ufo but i acsadentally reset my tam
  3. i dropped my tam in a river once... i left it to dry... its ok.... 2 weeks later it went in the washing machine ._.
  4. baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad ( I would like it if you didnt have to pay for 85% of the stuff you do there.)
  5. what about your siggy ristar? and trying to hack neo? aand, there is no top amount!
  6. neo... RULES! why don't you just blow up your siggy ristar, as you can not make me stop playing neo!!!
  7. my uername is neo_man915 my password is... I'LL NEVER TELL! lololololololololol
  8. neo is better becuse your pets cant die... but i dont like neos new neocash mall *destoys nc mall* muhahaha... ha
  9. I think neo is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy beter than TT ... isent there any non tama smilies? im neo_man915 and geting a little bit bored with tamas... and tnt and neo dous not suck.
  10. no you do not lose any thing also try searching asparagus in the search bar ...
  11. ok.... thats wierd...... has it done anything weird scence?
  12. here's a picture. I did it as best as I could!
  13. is it the tomcat? ive got that one and its so cute! but i dont know how to anser your problem. I just got mine yesterday!