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  1. * edit: link removed * go to the forum then the nintendogs topic. thanks!
  2. yep its my first gen. i want a baby one again but jamie is an oldie and i have never seen the match maker
  3. mine is 11 and i havn't seen the matchmaker come. when will i get a new tama character?
  4. actually i think it was a Kurokotchi. thats what it was on my friend list. but it was side on & had a tail
  5. oh nup. its not Hohotchi. the character is really weird.
  6. i have NEVER seen this sort of V3 character beforeon any character charts. it looked like a monkey. it had a tail and 2 arms & legs. it was like a chimpanzee. IM SERIOUS. please believe me!
  7. hi! i play club penguin. i am Snowtiger .
  8. no but once i had basket balls in my meals and i selected them and my tama ate them!
  9. - u will most likely win bump if u weigh 99lbs - when u hit the ball go straight back to the middle