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  1. Here is pie! Here is flower! Thanks so much for adopting people! These tamas are going to good homes! tammy234 :-)
  2. Here's Robo! Thanks for adopting! tammy234 :-)
  3. Here you are! Thanks for adopting! tammy234 :-)
  4. Here you are: Thanks for adopting!
  5. Here are the available tamas! Robo: Winker: High Flyer: Mocha: Master of Disguise: Cooly: Flower: Caramel: Prinny: Samantha: Nicky: Pie: Please adopt people! tammy234 :-)
  6. Here you are ilikepie01! And here is lolita for Sancha! Thanks for adopting!
  7. Here you are! Thanks for adopting! tammy234 :-)
  8. PLease adopt people! Lots of Tamas need homes!
  9. Here you are TAMAGIRL2008! Thanks for adopting! tammy234 :-)
  10. Here is miranda Holly Dolly! Lauren gallacher, I will need new tamas soon so I will use yours then! tammy234 :-)
  11. Here's Mousey Medicham12! Thanks for adopting her! Here is winker, pretty maikko shiny tama! And yes, next time I need new tamas, I will use some of yours! Thanks for adopting these people! keep adopting! tammy234 :-)
  12. Here are the new tamas people! Robo: Mousey: High Flyer: Winker: Keep adopting folks! tammy234 :-)
  13. Here you are Sky Crystal! Thanks for adopting! More tamas coming soon! tammy234 :-)
  14. Here you are Tamalove2! Thanks for adopting! Only Cutey's left now, then I'll post more! tammy234 :-)
  15. Here you are, SkyCrystal! Here's Happy! two more tamas left people! tammy234 :-)