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  1. True. But as an original P1 collector, I am disappointed. I paid 19.99 plus 13% tax (thanks Canada) for my series 3. And I have my P1 that I purchased Sept 1997 with the receipt and everything for .... you guessed it....19.99 plus tax!!! So I do think we are WAY overpaying but I also want one as a collectors item. As someone who has many many V1-V6 new in box I have zero desire to get this one in box (I have an opened one).
  2. I'm in Ottawa, so definitely major too, but nothing here yet. However I expect by the weekend! I'm assuming you are probably in Toronto and that's why you got them early.
  3. Welcome kiaratchi!!! So my local Walmart looked like they may actually be stocking some new stock over the next few crossing my fingers
  4. Well that was a big waste of time. No luck. SIGH.....
  5. Thank you Jenny! (BTW, I am also a Jenny) I am actually heading out now - are you in Ontario by any chance? I am. I really hope that I am successful tonight, cross your fingers for me please!!!
  6. I was also wondering when we would see them in stores in Canada. I went to the site, and they are showing as 'available' - however you can not order from the site, nor can you check store availability. It just says they are available in some areas of Canada but to check your local store for your availability. Helpful huh??? I've been checking my local Walmart and Zellars every few days with no luck. If anyone from Canada does run across them in their local store, please post so we can all start checking our area. It would be much appreciated!
  7. There have been Tama Simulators for the PC in the past..if you google them you can probably still find them.
  8. I have a dark pink and an orange one (my fave colour!)
  9. It's a shame to see tamakitten and Oniontchi go. Best of luck to them both!
  10. No none of mine do, not even my Gen 1s from the 90's!!! but I'm very particular about my Tamas.
  11. I completely agree...take care of his/her needs (all of them!) and see if it helps!
  12. I'm curious as to where you bought yours in Canada as well. Today I went to Toys'R'Us, Zellars, and WalMart and none of them will have any in for a few weeks.
  13. Hmm not sure..I know that with the version 1 Connections (US) if you put the back of it to your ear you can hear a constant beeping noise...this is what drains the batteries so quickly. So maybe that's why you hear beeping? Welcome to the boards anyways!