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  1. Please help me how do u get it??
  2. I had one and i freaked out when it evolved. o_o;; It comes from low training and below average care. (because i would take it to school and the haerts would drop all the way)
  3. Put it in the pocket of ur school bag and press the buttons while it is in ur schoolbag
  4. not loading for me either
  5. I dont get it. I have NEVER seen them before there is poo on the screen. i can look at it and it will be fine and 3 minutes later i have missed them. How come i can never ctch it so i can potty train it?? T_T Also, how to i get a patapatatchi?
  6. I mean on ebay if it isnt in the whole pack and stuff. o.o
  7. If it is just the loose tamagotchi, is it most likely fake?
  8. ARE YOU SERIOUS??? You want a kurokotchi? I have one and its a freaky little duck. ._.;; They come from bad abuse? Its called shcool. o_o