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  1. I found one in toysarus they had a few. i dident get one but i will!
  2. in england?? wow!! can we have some pics?? that would be ace! andypat
  3. congrats congrats! tamatalks been one of the best tamagotchi webs ever!! happy birthday
  4. they are coping their name!! sue um!
  5. it's availble now!! go into and on the top it says tamagotchi party on! available now
  6. glad you spotted it. it's even got the real one on the packging!(not the fake tama). some children hwo think it's real and a japanese version migt by it and get a fake!!! sue um!!
  7. know theirmaking fake tamasukus!!
  8. I think they are all good ideas ecksept the cost will be like 100+! so try not to make them too teknical or no one will by them becouse their too exspencive!
  9. to me its only been 2 weeks since i got a new tama and now iv'e got a tamasuku! it'll be ariving in afew weeks! Bye!
  10. my uratama's on third gen.. i'm trying to get a urakutchipatchi becouse from the growth chart,i'm geting the skill points to get him!!! by
  11. how do you i play my job on my uratama?? what time is it to go to work?? please help!!
  12. my uratama just came know and i din't have a japanese name chart so i tiped in somthing but for now i called it tama. gota go to school know so by!!!!
  13. real couse i got a v3 whith that kind of packaging.
  14. sorry for not reipling for so long. good news and bad news. i reseted kyri(he was the matchmacer and was ugly!). kriyis in 3d gen but just today hes name chnged from kriyi to iriyi!! thats bad news. good news: i bought an uratama of ebay so ill be puting a log on that aS well!!!!!!!