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    My interests include playing the piano, horseriding, and playing with my tamagotchi. Please tell me if you live in Tauranga or near. I would love a new friend and so would my tamagotchi.<br>I love James Blunt, Nickelback and so so much more.<br>My name is Kate and I am 11 on the 5th of July.<br>My best friend is Lauren Fraser-Jones and my tamatalk buddies are Tamacool<br>cutie12

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  1. is everyone sure that #32 is picture frame cuz no one says they have actually got it. When we know for sure wat #32 is then wont tama town get a bit boring.
  2. i think it is a waste of time, no offence, but it seems kind of pointless
  3. I know, it has learning sort of stuff in it. Maybe your tama might be able to go to school like real people
  4. it does not work. no offense but it is fake
  5. You shouldn't copy peoples stuff, anyway it is funner to get the points by yourself and donate them
  6. wat is ur username otherwise people will never be able to use them. By the way don't feel bad that everyone has been waiting for ages
  7. it will be better when everthing is avaliable
  8. Thanks you guys have been great help. I will try donate 5001 soon
  9. the letter ones do work. you go into the shop, press the first buttun about 5 times. the shopkeeper looks suprised then type in the password: a is button 1, b is button 2, c is button 3
  10. Anyone whos username is (kate!) COULD YOU PLEASE POST THE PASSWORD
  11. why do we have to reply???? By the way I get a variety of characters
  12. so you don't get a password until you get to 50000. i'll try it.
  13. I'm really sorry about that. When i donated 5000p i didn't get a password. do you know why