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  1. I agree, so far I really don't get to do anything with my Tamas. At least you get choices with the V4.
  2. You pause the V5 by going to the tv icon and selecting to travel on the travel channel. It goes onto a cool animated screensaver from there. I like that bit!
  3. The website is the tama/earth expo. It has one main island which is the expo itself, plus surrounding islands for the major regions tamas sell in. It's an interesting idea, like an expansion on tama town, but it has plenty of bugs and niggles at the moment.
  4. I couldn't get an original tama I have a huge fascination with Japanese toys and collectables. So now I'm making up for lost time! I have a V5, and V4 and a V3. Just won a V1 on ebay and hope to have an original 1996 model soon. this is just the start of my collection. I take them to work and play them during breaks/on the bus. BTW, I'm 36 this year!
  5. Are you enjoying your V5's? After living with mine for a bit, I think it's a bit boring. There's not a lot to do in comparison with the V4/V4.5 and the expo website keeps crashing! I also don't like how you have to log on and off every time you do one game, that's pointless.....but that's just the website and not the tama itself I do like the new animations though, and I love the fact you can interact more with your items. What do you think?
  6. I got a rare (uk only) clear pink glitter V5 from Argos. Exclusive to them only. Anyone looking for it, you have to order it separately from the V4.5 catalogue number on the same page .