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  1. I have had a UraYoungMametchi transform into Ura Kuchipatchi which doesn't fit with your growth chart. I also know someone recently who had a UraYoung Mametchi transform into Yasaguretchi and someone else who had a UraYoungYattatchi turn into UraMemetchi. (All have photographic records). Just taking the UraTama chart and assuming it's the same for V4.5 doesn't work this time around I'm afraid. It looks like the teens can change into more than one character for each skill area. The only thing we can be sure of is that UraMemetchi DOES change into Hanagatatchi UraMametchi DOES change into Hyottokotchi UraKuchipatchi DOES change into Mukimukitchi
  2. Congratulations on your purchase TamaMum. I also managed to pick up a Jinsei Plus+ in 'The Entertainer' in County Mall, Crawley last Saturday. http://i76.photobucket.com/albums/j16/spud...packetfront.png The shop assistant didn't realise they were the latest version, I assume because they still have V4 on the package. I have heard several accounts of them filtering into UK shops now, including Argos- but you have to go to Customer Services and 'view' them first as they are mixed in with the V4's.
  3. Here's a little bit of extra info about the Brent Cross event from the Toys'R'Us site. You can also enter a draw online if you live in the UK or Northern Ireland. Toys r us ONLINE DRAW
  4. Go to the 4th icon-(baseball bat)- use 'A' to scroll through the options- one of them will be 'PASSWORDS'.
  5. Until today, my hair went as far as the small of my back. But as I colour it , it was getting very dried out , so today it's been cut and now it's only just below my shoulders. When it's hot, I usually wear it up in a ponytail to keep it off the back of my neck- but really short hair doesn't suit me.
  6. Please remember that posting SPAM just to bump a topic could get you into trouble For future reference 'growth charts' are stored in the section called 'Library'. Here is the V3 Growth Chart
  7. (This is a special news release that has come from the agency that is working with Bandai to celebrate Tamagotchi's 10th anniversary, in Great Britain. I hope some of our members can make it to the party!) IT’S A VIRTUAL BIRTHDAY! Tamagotchi hits the big 10! Tony Blair and Tamagotchi have something in common! British Tamagotchi fans, if you remember your first Tamagotchi, you’ll be amazed to know that the original virtual pet is celebrating its 10th anniversary this month. In fact, Tamagotchi was launched on the same day as Tony Blair came into power! Back in May 1997, hundreds of people queued in the rain to be the first to get their hands on the world’s first virtual pet. Toys ‘R’ Us in Brent Cross, London, was the first place in the UK to receive a shipment of the toy, selling out within hours of them arriving. To celebrate that anniversary, Bandai UK is planning a special party on May 31 in Brent Cross. They'll have limited edition Golden Tamagotchis to GIVE AWAY, as well as other Tama-themed goodies. (We'll have more details on that as they become available.) The launch of Tamagotchi not only created a brand new toy category but spawned countless virtual pet imitators – none of which have reached the phenomenon status of the original. Since 1996, more than 65 million Tamagotchis have been sold worldwide with over 4.5 million in the UK and Ireland alone! Over 100 different colour variations have been released – and several sophisticated technology upgrades. The first Tamagotchi was the world’s first portable virtual pet – it allowed users to feed, clean and play games. Bad caregivers would see their pets travel back to the virtual Tamagotchi Planet! As technology developed and became more sophisticated, so did the Tamagotchi – the Tamagotchi Connexion series was launched in 2004 and included the hugely innovative infrared function, enabling users to connect, communicate and even have Tama-babies! The latest incarnation, Tamagotchi Connexion Jinsei which was launched in Jan 07, retains all the fun features but now Tamagotchis can grow up to have fun careers – but only if they are schooled properly! You can also see and interact with you favourite Tamagotchi on the official website http://www.tamagotchieurope.com . --
  8. You won't get any eggs (that only happens the first time you start up your tama)- This is what happens . Once they have reached a level of 4 hearts friendship and have both been adults for over 24hours unpaused, The male goes to the female's screen They kiss The screens go black Fireworks appear (let your imagination take effect) The screens come back to normal the female has one baby (either boy or girl) then she has another of the same gender- (yes, always two of the same) one of the babies will fly up in the air and leave the female the 2nd baby goes to the males screen they will both give a fanfare You can watch it here: http://s76.photobucket.com/albums/j16/spud...nt=Imgp1146.flv (this is V3's though, but it's the same for V4)
  9. I had a gen10 Ichigotchi once too: She was named Dixie. I made a little film clip at the time (it's a litttle dark though). http://s76.photobucket.com/albums/j16/spud...nt=Imgp1458.flv The V4 growth chart was a lot easier to compile than the others though as it was directly related to the EnTama chart (which was official). However, we discovered that Androtchi and Zukyutchi swapped places, and we also found out how to get special characters on V4, which was very different to the EnTama.
  10. You get 400points for 6 rounds of dance. You get 400 points for completing shape. If you have 3 stars in money fortune you get 500 points for a complete win on all the games- except dance- that stays at 400p for some unknmown reason All the games give 400p for completion.
  11. If it's on a V3, when you visit your grandparents you get gifts. If it's on a V4, you just get given bags of gotchi points- the ammount seems to vary.
  12. or Click here to see the Special Characters Chart. You can only get a special adult from the characters shown on the chart. You can no longer obtain a special adult once you have had a Matchmaker visit (even if you said no) or had a baby by connecting to another tamagotchi. I have achieved all three of the special adults and 350 points is the absolute minimum amount you need- sometimes you may have more before it changes. You will need to have points in the other 2 categories as well- 50 in each is a good level to aim for, to make a total of 450 or more in all 3 categories.
  13. Here's a bit of extra info regarding toddler-teen evolutions.
  14. You normally get offered a new job after a couple of days of being an adult- which often co-incides with having a baby. However, if you were late getting the first job (may have missed out on the first round of interviews) you may not always get a second chance before your adult leaves. Most of my generations have had 2 jobs.