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    I ♥ snowboarding like no other! Lets see what else about me...? Well i play the tuba and im in band, I love music and my favorite songs are The General by Dispatch, Not Ready to Make Nice by the Dixie Chicks, and Grace by Phil Wickham. I like some other somes too but those are some of my favs at the moment. As you can see i like a lot of different genres of music. My favorite foods are lobster, shrimp and artichoke! It didn't take me long to think of those! So thats all for now... ill add more later if i think of anything.<br><br>summer 06' ♥♥♥♥ ROCKIN' <br>YPI i miss you!!<br>last updated August 8th 2006... yell at me if its been to long and i should update it!!

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  1. Heath Ledger was amazing. So Heath. I only saw part of Jack Nicholson in Batman so i can't really do a fair comparison, but I thouroghly LOVED Heath's performance.
  2. My birthday too! Except 1991. Happy Birthday today!!
  3. I do like country music. Actually I like pretty much any genre of music. I'm not saying that I like all the songs in any given genre, but I like anything with good lyrics, a good beat, or something that I can relate to... or a combination of the three.
  4. I love Taylor Swift! As you may be able to see... from my avitar. All her songs have described my life at some point it seems. Or most of them have. And princess08, I know what you mean. A lot of songs seam over dramatized... but when you really feel and connect with the artist it's an interesting feeling. Like you really understand their words and what they are saying. Although some artists today do overdramatize. But there are always great artists out there. Like Meiko. If you haven't heard pf her look her up. She's the first one to come ot mind, but I love her song "How Lucky We Are".
  5. You play trombone? I play trombone too! And the tuba, but not the flute. I would like to meet you! Anyways others who I would like to meet... Spiffy Sweet Kandi meowbark Admin These are really all the people who stand out in my mind who I remember from when I first came here.
  6. Online, I am always saying 'mmhm' when I agree with something. In real life I say "Right-o" and I also say "anyways" a lot. I'm sure there are more, I just can't think. Hahah, oh yea and sometimes I am known for telling long, stupid, pointless, stories by accident when people distract me while I'm trying to tell said story, (often they do it for fun) and when I try to get back on subject I usually end up saying, "So, um, yea". My mom noticed this and she cracks up every time. Needless to say this makes the story go even longer and ends up being more pointless.
  7. Anybody seen Iron Man? I'm pretty sure it's not in theaters any more but I just have to say... it was such a good movie! I absolutley loved it. For those of you who have seen it, what did you think? I'd give 8.5/10
  8. tama815


    Well the thing that makes it so exciting for me is that Mark Spitz, a former Olympic swimmer, previously won 7 golds in a single Olympics... and now Michael Phelps is out to try and beat that record and get 8 golds. Every time I watch him swim I think it gets more exciting because he is getting closer and closer to beating the record.
  9. I loved it!!! Such a good movie! I recomend it for those of age. Anyone too young might not understand all the jokes like you said. But the boat part was good, I like the way that turned out. And as for the ending, it was okay. I think it had to be changed because of Heath Ledgers death. =[ But thats only what I've heard. Speaking of him though, Heath Ledgers performance was absolutely phenomonal! He did such an amazing job. Overall, 8.75/10. I would definately see it again.
  10. tama815


    Yea you can watch all the things tha thave already been recorded on www.nbcolympics.com. I've been watching some of the rowing on here. It's great.
  11. Actually my birthday is coming up soon! It's this Friday, August 15th. I'm going to be 17.
  12. Choose some lyrics from a song that describes your life right now and share them... I love when you find a song that describes perfectly the way you are feeling. Here is mine. My wish for you Is that this life becomes all that you want it to Your dreams stay big, your worries stay small You never need to carry more than you can hold "My Wish" by Rascal Flatts This is how I feel about a guy friend, who used to be something more. But right now in life this is how I feel towards him and I hope we can always be friends, and stay close. I just hope he finds happiness in life, and when he goes away to college.
  13. Ahhh! I can totally relate. I hate this song. It is so annoying and the lyrics are stupid and meaningless if you ask me. But for some reason unbeknownced to me... this song just pops into my head and gets stuck there. It is such a bother!
  14. I don't know what my favorite song is... but I really like Our Song, Stay Beautiful... and all of them really. But if you really listen to all her songs you can hear the Country. I don't like the pop versions of her songs.
  15. I'm sure he was only trying to get your attention. Ignore it. As long as you don't have any personal info or pictures, he couldn't possibly know who you are so just keep yourself protected.