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    I LOVE tamagotchi's but in my spare time I like to sing,dance,play volleyball,and excercise.

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  1. scoobyispink

    It died!

    Haha! Thanks jerk!
  2. scoobyispink

    It died!

    It was 5! How is that old age?
  3. scoobyispink

    It died!

    Ok, my tamgotchi was completely full(health) and it just randomly died. Anyone know wut could have happened?
  4. scoobyispink

    I have a ponytchi but it has NO JOB

    Can somebody help me? ----------- Ummm, if you needed help, go to another post(make ur own!)
  5. scoobyispink

    What does the matchmaker do?

    Also, how do u set the time back 1 minute once she comes?
  6. I dont get what the matchmaker does....
  7. It was my teen and then it evolved into a ponytchi
  8. scoobyispink

    Pnytchi is a news reporter

    Yeah that toally makes sense! Thanks a ton!
  9. after you get a job, wut do u do?
  10. scoobyispink


    Is it a good thing to get a ponytchi? lol
  11. scoobyispink

    when do you have a baby tama.

    So the matchamker will just randomly help u fall in love w/ a random tamagotchi?(that isnt someone elses?)
  12. scoobyispink

    when do you have a baby tama.

    dude, binary really needs 2 quit moving topics. they r new 2 tamas, so they probably dont know wut 2 put it in. Plus, this SHOULD go under the help part!
  13. I wanted to be a rockstar(atleast 80 atistic) but I have 30 more in intelligence. I have 91 intellingence and 67 creative.How do u get more creative?
  14. I have a ponytchi, but its 2 yrs old.I have no job, so that could possibly be y.Ihave 91 pts in intelligence, so I know I should have a job.Anyone know y I dont???
  15. scoobyispink


    What is the considered age as an adult? My ponytchi is that might be why I was not offered a job.....