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    love da internet! tama sites 2 da tops!<br>kinda like 2 rollerskate & roller disco is awesome!

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  1. sounds a little simpler that way!! lol!
  2. yes, it was fun while it lasted.. lol! ~337flowerpower~
  3. hey people!! here are the codes for honey/love potion V4:CCBA AABB V3:BCBC CABA V2:BCBA CABA 337flowerpower P.S.If they work reply to me!!
  4. hey guys i think tamagotchi characters would be really coo-el 'cause imagine your tamagotchi had memetchis all over it and your tama character was memetchi!!!LOL!!! 337flowerpower
  5. hey guys here are some tamagotchi v4 passwords!! 40690 89391 (gives a lil' play house AAAWWW!!!!) 52815 99088 (gives a slide!!) 337flowerpower click here to see something ultra cool!!! bubbles da cool