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  1. when i wear the royal costure, it says "Password for ???:59730 98764". I tried putting that password on my V3 but nothing. What am i supposed to do?
  2. Sekitoritchi likes BBQ & doesn't like omelette. Very nice layout....wish i saw this site sooner!!
  3. Sorry the tabs disappeared in my previous list. So i've edited it with +(Likes) & -(dislike)Here is a compilation of your lists in alphabetical order. Take note of "?" marks that need to be confirmed: CHARACTER +LIKES -DISLIKES 1 Androthi +energy drink -soda 2 Bill +fish? or +beef? -grapes 3 Billotchi +sandwich? -juice 4 Bunbuntchi +sausage? or +corn dog? -hot dogs? 5 Chomametchi +pasta -french fries 6 Debatchi +pear -pasta 7 Decotchi +cheese 8 Dorotchi +corn dog -apple pie 9 Furawatchi -BBQ? 10 Gozarutchi +hot dog -cheese cake 11 Hanatchi +grape -corn dog 12 Hashitamatchi +donut -energy drink 13 Hashizoutchi +tacos? -fish? 14 Hidatchi +drumstick -ice cream 15 Hikotchi milk +drumstick 16 Hinatchi pizza +corn 17 Hinotamatch +omelette -donut 18 Hohotchi 19 Ichigotchi +milk -fish 20 Kero +hamburger -pasta 21 Kuchipatchi +corn? or +hamburger? -drumstick 22 Kuchitamatchi +cherries -hamburger 23 Kurokotchi +Popcorn 24 Leaftchi +apple pie 25 Masktchi +hamburger -milk 26 Mametchi +omelette -banana 27 Megatchi +hot dog -pineapple 28 Memetchi +banana or cupcake? -fish 29 Mimitchi +ice cream or donut? 30 Mimiyoritchi +melon -BBQ? or-sausage? 31 Mizutamatchi +cherry -hamburger 32 Mohitamatchi +pineapple -french fries 33 Nazotchi 34 Nikatchi +drumstick -muffin 35 Nyatchi +corn 36 Obotchi +juice -donut 37 Ojitchi +muffin -cupcake 38 Otokitchi +muffin -cupcake 39 Oyajitchi +steak -tacos 40 Paparatchi +French fires -cherry 41 Patapatatchi +hamburger -pasta 42 Pipotchi sundae +sausage 43 Piropiroritchi +French fries -sundae 44 Pyonkotchi +banana -cheese 45 Ringotchi +steak -fruit drink 46 Sekitoritchi +BBQ -omelette 47 Tamatchi +pineapple -french fries 48 Tarakotchi +fish? -sandwiches 49 Teketchi +cupcake -hamburger 50 Teletchi (boy) +Cupcake -tacos 51 Teletchi (girl) +cupcake -tacos 52 Tsunotchi +fish? -popcorn? 53 Warusotchi +Tacos 54 Wooltchi -omelette 55 Young Mametchi +sandwich -pizza 56 Young Mimitchi +cheesecake -BBQ May i suggest that we stick to the above format for our conveience. To edit, just copy & paste & post it. I've used the characters as listed in the tamagotchi website when i bought my tamagothchi (list of 52) & added 4 that were in your list. Pls make comments of any errors & corrections. Hopefully we can complete the list soon. PS> I can confirm that Sekitoritchi likes BBQ & hates omelette. (current pet)
  4. Hiere is a compilation of your lists in alphabetical order. Take note of "?" marks that need to be confirmed: CHARACTER LIKES DISLIKES 1 Androthi energy drink soda 2 Bill fish or beef? grapes 3 Billotchi sandwich? juice 4 Bunbuntchi sausage or corn dog? dislike:hot dogs? 5 Chomametchi pasta french fries 6 Debatchi pear pasta 7 Decotchi cheese 8 Dorotchi corn dog apple pie 9 Gozarutchi hot dog cheese cake 10 Hanatchi grape corn dog 11 Hashitamatchi donut energy drink 12 Hashizoutchi tacos? fish? 13 Hidatchi drumstick ice cream 14 Hikotchi milk drumstick 15 Hinatchi pizza corn 16 Hinotamatchi omelette donut 17 hohotchi 18 Kuchipatchi corn or hamburger? drumstick 19 Kuchitamatchi cherries hamburger 20 Kurokotchi Popcorn 21 Leaftchi apple pie 22 Masktchi hamburger milk 23 Mametchi omelette banana 24 Megatchi hot dog pineapple 25 Memetchi banana or cupcake? fish 26 Mimitchi ice cream or donut? 27 Mimiyoritchi melon BBQ pt sausage? 28 Mizutamatchi cherry hamburger 29 Mohitamatchi pineapple french fries 30 Nazotchi 31 Nikatchi drumstick muffin 32 Nyatchi corn 33 Obotchi juice donut 34 Ojitchi muffin cupcake 35 Otokitchi muffin cupcake 36 Oyajitchi steak tacos 37 Paparatchi French fires cherry 38 Patapatatchi humburger pasta 39 Pipotchi sundae sausage 40 Piropiroritchi French fries sundae 41 Pyonkotchi banana cheese 42 Sekitoritchi BBQ? omelette 43 Tamatchi pineapple french fries 44 Tarakotchi fish? sandwiches 45 Teketchi cupcake hamburger 46 Teletchi (boy) Cupcake tacos 47 Teletchi (girl) cupcake tacos 48 Tsunotchi fish? popcorn? 49 Warusotchi Tacos 50 Wooltchi omelette 51 Young Mametchi sandwich pizza 52 Young Mimitchi cheesecake BBQ
  5. Souvinier from Tamatown: (V3 - Malaysia) 1. Passport (when you visit Tamatown) 2. Key (given at Town Hall) 3. Special Key (at Town Hall) 4. City map (at Town hall) 5. Textbook (Word game at School) 6. Computer (game at school) 7. Medal (game at school) 8. Cellphone (When you visit Parents) 9. Bicycle (When you visit Grandparents) 10. Skis (Souvenier from Switzerland ) 11. Palm Tree (Souvenier from Hawaii) 12. Surfboard (Souvenier from Australia) 13. Panda Bear (Souvenier from China) 14. Maracas (Souvenier from Chile) 15. Ring (Given by King when you donate 5,000 pts) 16. Cape (Given by King when you donate 12,000 pts) 17. Crown (Given by King when you donate 30,000 pts) 18. Skateboard ( Win at Claw Game or Ring Toss game at Arcade) 19. Balloon (Win at Claw Game or Ring Toss game at Arcade) 20. Baseball Cap ( Win at Claw Game or Ring Toss game at Arcade) 21. Teddy Bear ( Win at Claw Game or Ring Toss game at Arcade) 22. ??? 23. Rare CD (Win at Song Tunes game at Mall Music shop) 24. Rare Shoes (Win at Dance Steps game at the Mall Clothing) 25. Movie Poster 1 (Watch “Final Race” at the Theatre) 26. Movie Poster 2 (Watch “Androitchi’s B-day” movie at the Theatre) 27. Movie Poster 3 (Watch “Hide & Seek “movie at the Theatre) 28. Bandai Ribbon (Win at Car Race Game at Mall Toy Shop) 29. Microphone (Make a Music Mix with trumpet, drums, cello at Mall Music shop) 30. Suitcase (Click the Suitacase at the Mall Clothing shop & play the packing game) 31. Trophy (Race game at Arcade) 32. ??? I am not eligible yet to get the golden tamagotchi at the toy store. Pls let me know what the items are for #22 & #32. I also can't seem to buy the mirror. Also, is there a way that i can get a mametchi ?