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  1. I just realized that I am really stupid, I did find the bluetooth connection on this laptop however it doesn't send a whole folder, and I have a lot of tama P files to send, so that would take a while. I was able to connect the HP IPAQ to the computer via included special cable and it downloaded the drivers and software by itself (windows 7 32bit) and I got the files on it that way.
  2. I got an HP IPAQ, I think its called, its an older PDA unit, it has an SD card slot, wifi and blutetooth, so it should be easy enough to get the files on there. I paid like $10 for it on ebay, including shipping which is very cheap. Any PDA unit with IRDA and windows mobile will likely work as well as cell phones with IRDA. The PDA's are cheap and easy to get, and you can probably get them for $10 or under even with shipping. One thing I have is a lot of SD cards lying around, so that should be perfect. The PDA's are probably cheaper than the phones at least from what i can see, even some of the older phones on ebay were in the $25-40 range if you don't have a local source of cheap phones. The thing with the cell phones is I am not sure if they will start up without a sim card, some do and some don't, also some don't connect to the PC, and some require specialized data cables which are different than standard USB cables. I also thought palm devices require a palm account to start up, and not all palm's have wifi, so you can't just set it up on wifi if you have no sim card (you would need cellular data in this case), but I may be overthinking myself here. So I am not sure how I would get files onto them if they don't have a way to connect to the PC (unless they had a SD card slot), in the case of most palm devices they do not connect via cable via Windows 7 operating system since there are no drivers for them since they are too old, at least this is what I came up with in my research, and I only have access to Windows 7 PC. No XP PC's around the house, but if you have an XP PC then that would be a different story. None of my PC's have bluetooth, at least as far as I know. I also wouldn't go plugging a palm device of any kind into your main PC if its Windows 7 64 bit, I did that once, and it disabled all my USB ports on my PC, and this is a machine that costs over a thousand dollars, I had to call support for my computer and thankfully they fixed it. Most of the older PDA's with IR have wifi, so perhaps the files can be downloaded directly onto them from the websites, I am definitely going to give that a try.
  3. I just got another TF from ebay in the mail, cheaper than what I could buy it for at TRU + state sales tax as I have a feeling unless we get a second set of colors here in the USA that my 2 local TRU's will never restock these. Seller said it was never used but it obviously was as it had character data on it, oh well it works perfectly. Anyways they both have scratches in the same spot, which is weird, under the faceplate sprouting from the A button sort of. Both of these are the star design with the clear faceplate over it.
  4. I think this is a product aimed at the nostalgia crowd, its not really intended for kids, as they would put it down immediately because of the dim screen, and the screens on their smartphones are sharp and clear. I can't see kids having too much interest in this product as smartphones command everything here, and most kids have little interest in gadgets like this one outside of smartphones. If this had a color screen it would be infinitely better. I would be willing to pay $30 for a tama that has a color screen. I have purchased a lot of tama over the years and I find that 99% of the tama's I get second hand haven't been used for more than a week or until the batteries die then they are not replaced. I suspect this one will be the same. It must be selling because both of my TRU stores are sold out and I doubt any more are coming in, so stock on this item is a joke (how are they going to sell more if they can't restock?). Us TF owners also will have less owners to connect with if the stores are not restocking the product when it is sold out, as people will just forget about buying it if they don't see it in stores. There is also only one peg in each of my TRU stores devoted to this toy (more for the figures of course) and none of the stores can give me any information about when the next shipment comes in. They are only sold in the USA in TRU and I cannot exactly get to my TRU every week to check to see if they come in because I have to go out of my way to get the stores, not everyone lives near a TRU. This was a poor choice of locations for selling them here since not everyone lives near TRU, surely Target or Walmart can devote the one peg and the tiny amount of shelf space that TRU is devoting to this toy and most people live near a Target or a Walmart. I paid $14.99 on sale for this on the TRU website and it came with scratches on it that are under the faceplate, mine has a clear faceplate on it so I can't see the paint coming off, luckily I ordered this item with some other Christmas gifts I was planning to order anyways so I was able to get free shipping. It was sealed in the box so the scratches obviously occured during the manufacturing process. I don't care what kind of batteries this takes or the size but I would like it to stand up like the Tamatown which I also own. I have rechargable AAA batteries so that is very easy for me as this lets me get some use out of my AAA rechargables that are just sitting there.
  5. I have Coffretvhi on my TF and it loses weight if you play the racing game a lot. Also helps if you can get perfect in the racing game. I recommend hitting the buttons with your fingernails. I got it from 51lbs to 20 lbs, though I am not sure why I wanted to do this.
  6. I think the price is fine, if they kept raising it with each version I would be a little annoyed unless there were major improvements like a backlit color screen but since they keep the price the same I am fine with it.
  7. Thanks, the word "tamagotch" instead of tamagotchi threw me off and I assumed they were fakes, as I never saw the original japanese packaging before.
  8. Ok, I have been shopping for tama's a lot on ebay. I noticed there are a bunch of tama's on there that say "tamagotch" on the package, omitting the last i. This is for the older tamagotchi's made in 96-97. The bandai logo is there and the sellers claim they are originals from japan. Are these fakes or are they real? Ok, here are 2 links to the examples of the ones I suspect are fakes: Tamagotch White Tamagotch
  9. I am 26 and I play with tama's. Tama's came out when I was in high school and now they are popular again so its something new that I can still enjoy. My cousins are ages 7 and 10 and we play together, it is something that we can do together. I also think its important for adults to be able to relate to kids on a certain level, and kids will think its very cool if you can talk with them about things that they like, instead of the usual parent talk where parents just pretend to be interested but they really shun whatever their kid enjoys. They say things like, thats nice, and thats nice honey now go and play, instead of ACTUALLY talking to their kids and being actually interested in what they are, instead they just try to brush their kids off so they can get back to doing whatever they are doing. I think kids really enjoy when they find an adult who can actually talk about things that they are interested in, instead of just pretending to be interested in it. I also don't think your ever too old for anything. In America we are way too hyped up on what is proper and mature for adults to do, and I think sometimes we just need to let that go. Besides its not like playing with Tama's is a BAD thing, you could be doing a lot worse things with your life than playing with Tama's, there is nothing wrong with playing with Tama's.
  10. Unfortunately EVERYTHING in America is marketed towards children nowadays, it just seems to be the most profitable way to go for companies, even though it might be something thats for everyone, it is still mostly targeted towards children. Look at the Ipod, its mostly kids you see carrying one around (at least here, what 8 year old DOESN'T have one?), but that doesn't mean that adults cannot own one. The Nintendo DS, again, its mostly kids using them here, but there are also games for adults on it that only adults would enjoy. This is the same for the PSP, most people I see with them, are children. Same with Cellphones, I have seen phones marketed specifically for children, yet a few years ago they were only for sophisticated adults. If I believed this marketing, I would probably drive myself nuts! Also, they are cutsey and girly because they are a Japanese toy. Everything in Japan is like this, so thats why the website is like that and the packaging and stuff. In Japan its perfectly acceptable for a 40 year old woman to have hello kitty merchandise, and its normal for businessmen to be seen playing Nintendo DS on the subway, so they do not subscribe to the belief that everything that looks cutsey is childish, as America does. They will probably never change the image though, since it the toy originates in Japan. I also think there is too much pink though, but we do need pink ones because they sell out fast and if there wasn't enough pink, then the prices for the pink ones would be really high and they would be hard to find, so if you wanted a pink one, that would be bad.
  11. If your buying it in a store, don't worry about it because you can just tell people that your buying it for your little cousin, sister or brother. Or just tell them its a gift for someone if they question you. You can always order them online too if you are that worried about it.
  12. I usually buy it whenever then I start it when I know I will have a lot of time to figure it out and start playing with it. They usually require the most care in the first hour so I make sure I have a couple hours where I have nothing important to do before pulling the tab!
  13. I think the Tamagotchi brand will live on for a long time at least. Its selling too well to stop it right now. If people lose interest in the toys and they aren't selling well they will come out with something else using the Tamagotchi brand is what I mean. The toys won't stop unless they stop selling, when Bandai starts to lose money on them they will stop making them. Look at how long Nintendo has been making Pokemon games, and yet they keep selling, and are still selling like hotcakes, they aren't going to discontinue making Pokemon games, because if they did, Nintendo would lose a lot of money. If this happens then they might have to come out with some other high tech toy using the Tamagotchi brand to keep up with the changing times and devices. They might even come out with a program for a cellphone, ipod or handheld game system that lets you raise a Tamagotchi! The Tamagotchi brand has been around for years and years and as long as they can keep up with the times and changing technology it should live on. I think they should come out with a tama that uses normal AAA batteries and has a color backlit LCD like a cell phone or Nintendo DS.
  14. You should cut some masking tape or clear tape and put it on the screen so that you don't get nail polish or whatever you are painting it with on the screen. If you get paint on the screen accidently you might not be able to get it off! You could probably get a nice finish using something like Testors model car paint and clear nail polish over that but don't try this unless you are older or experienced with model car paint since it can be dangerous if you don't know how to use it right. Anyways I prefer to leave my tama's their original color. None of mine have paint coming off.
  15. My cousins lost theirs in a board game one time, and didn't find it until months later after their parents bought them a new tama.