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  1. Thank you so much so of thsy don't release it here i can still buy it from the us
  2. Ah ok i have tried to contact bandi but i have had no response i am in Australia so hoping soon i so want one bad
  3. That is ok i wasn't sure where to post it and where u from so i know ahen u get it it might be bit cl9ser to us getting it
  4. Can anyone tell me the name of the app fpr the tamagotchi on
  5. Dose anyone knlw if it will be released in Australia as i want one or 2 bad
  6. How do i post a pic please as well
  7. How do i post a pic please as well
  8. Hi can anyone tell me if this tamagotchi can have babies n keep the generation's going please
  9. hi. I see your pic of Dean Winchester from supernatural. Go Supernatural!

  10. Sorry to say Amazon will not ship the figures to australia i have already asked
  11. I used paddle pop sticks to make the bed and then made my own blanket and pillows and a mattress useing some material and some stuffing
  12. No I bought one today, so it's not a rumor. Yes i know the it called Tamagotchi tama-go but it is marketed by Woolworths in Australia as the Tamagotchi Tamatown. Some companies do market products differently to what they are actually called.
  13. For all you tama talk's out there that live in australia like me the tamagotchi tama town has been realsed in australia at woolworths not BIG W
  14. I used a Nintendo DSi screen protector cut down to fit my tama go. I put the smallest bit of sticky tape on the edges to stop it from lifting and it does the job great. I have not had any problems with it getting scratched again.
  15. I think the Tama go is worth it to buy i live in australia and i have a tama go i had to buy it from ebay but i love it and it is so much fun especially with the Gotchi Figures