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  1. Can u send ink hoe to do it i am trying to knit one
  2. Ty so much i am trying to make a puch n a bed for my tamma
  3. Good morning can one of u give me the mersments for the tamagotchi on the length and the width please i am trying to make a pouch to carry it in when i go out thank you
  4. Ah ok ty so much hun i am looking forward to getting my tama
  5. Bought my tamagotchi on yesterday just waiting for it to arrive one thing i will ask is dose the games change on the app when u connect the tamagotchi on
  6. Added u bk i am so looking forward to getting my tama hoping to buy ittoday
  7. Sorry hun i didn't knpw i am buying one today of ebay just got to wait for it to arive
  8. Added hun ty for the add me and my code is LXR236878
  9. Bit they cpuld fix it for it to be Christmas in summer for us this is the excuse the gave me HI Patricia, Sorry I haven’t had a chance to get back to your request, I have been travelling interstate. Unfortunately the Tamagotchi On is not currently going to release in Australia. The reason why, is that the Tamagotchi On works with an app, the app is not released for Australia, it only works in the USA. There are currently no plans, from our head office, to make the app available to the Australian market. Kind Regards Fiona Thomson Category Manager – Toys and Collectibles PR and Social Media Manager
  10. Thank you i am trying to do research to prove to bandai here to release it here in Australia
  11. Hi can anyone tell me if the tamagotchi on and tamagotchi meets are the same with a different name thank you
  12. Thanks so much for ur help and Dose ur pop up in english or Japanese? N if bandai was smart they will release it in ur country n mine they will make heaps of money on it as i am sure were not thr only ones in our countries that want them
  13. Yes i have the android version and how will i know if it needs updating thank you so much