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  1. So like in march I got the new tamagotchi v5. one day I was on tamatalk looking for passwords and codes and I found one with ALLL the passwords and codes on it! It had like probably a bit more then 100. Does anyone know where I can find that again? Thanks P.S. Feel free to move this topic if you think its in the wrong place.
  2. I'm gonna be a BANANA. Lawl or maybe a sumo wrestler
  3. I was once at my friend's birthday party and she dared me to stick my hair in the toilet. I did. Ahhh good times good times
  4. This is a weird topic but it always had me interested. What is outside the universe? Is there another universe? Another living species? Like aliens or something? I've always been interested in Aliens. I want to get like sucked in a black hole and end up somewhere else to see whats there. But where would you go? Yea...
  5. I love him! He is so funny! You know he lives in Hawaii
  6. Ooh! I had the same thing! The day before I had smashed my arm into a desk and then later in my dream my arm really really hurt. It was so weird!
  7. Her mother just said I made death threats. I DID NOT MAKE ANY DEATH THREATS!!! HER MOM IS SUCH A LIAR!! AND THE POLICE BELIEVE HER!! Her mom is actually going to gang up on a little girl. Her mom is the one harassing me. And she admitted to the police that she yelled at me. But they aren't going to do anything about her harassing me. She told me that she sent my guestbook to all the schools in the district and that she sent it to their county police. I DON'T GO TO HER DAUGHTER'S SCHOOL!!! THIS IS OFF SCHOOL GROUNDS!!! HOW CAN ShE DO THAT??? I am going crazy because her mom is going to get me in sooo much trouble. And nobody is going to believe me except maybe my family members. They know how much of a trouble maker her mom and her daughter are! HELP ME!!! P.S. yes I love JKL and boys like girls
  8. Thank you. But she had the police call our house. We just need to tell them she lied. She says it is a federal offense. How is it a federal offense??
  9. You can't block people from freewebs website.
  10. Psh Believe her mom looks like the Texas Chainsaw Guy(no offense)
  11. Her daughter came on my website and started swearing and everything. So I told her to stop. Her mother, I guess reads her emails and denied that she swore when I gave her proof. That is what ticked me off. Even when you have witnesses and proof she still won't believe you.
  12. Her mom told me they took away her computer and she said they were going to take away mine. On top of that she was yelling at me and wouldn't let me speak. Once I got the chance to speak she hung up on me. Then she called back I picked up and told her I don't want to hear any crap about her stupid daughter. And I told her to stop calling or I will call the police. That shut her up. Once her mom stalked me and came down to my front door. She followed me all the way home from the bus stop. SHE STALKED ME HOME!!! Just to tell me I was being mean to her daughter. Her daughter was sitting in the car laughing I wanted to flick her off soo badly. Oooh I hate there whole family! They are one messed up family. My mom actually shut the door in there face. Because the girl gave me a detention because she lied to the principal. And the principal wouldn't let me speak either. I got a detention for being "mean"
  13. I also think her mom broke into our house. When I came home stuff was over turned and everything was out of place. And when I was leaving I saw her mom coming into our neighborhood. They live like a half hour away from me. Why would she go to my neighborhood. her daughter has been causing trouble ever since elementary school and all the teachers hate her. Her daughter doesn't go to my middle school
  14. They took her computer because for every little thing I did they called the police. Like if I emailed her telling her to stop emailing me this is exactly what she said Oh ouch that really hurt!!!! NOT!!!!!! I dont like you either but i was taught by god to love thy neighbor even if they have done you wrong like you guys did me. So what ever!!!! Have a good life treating people like crap. AND YEA MERRY CHRISTMAS AND GOD BLESS YOU THRU OUT YOUR LIFE.YOU REEP WHAT YOU SEW LOVE & BLESSINGS ALWAYS AND FOREVER JASMINE. OK NOW YOU CAN BLOCK ME. YOU NEED TO CHANGEYOUR EMAIL ADDRESS CUZ YOUR SURE NOT SWEET JUST A MEAN GIRL. ANYTHING TO FIT IN HU! AT ALL COSTS. That was actually her mom. This is what I said to her when I told her to stop sending me emails Jasmine Please stop emailing me. If you think I still like you you're wrong so stop. seemunky548(Just changed my name) P.S. Reply, After you do I'm blocking you I'm serious Then when I told her to sop coming on my website this is what I said. I told her before, The truth hurts Stop coming on my website. If you are and I think it is you because you told us your full name. So stop no one wants you there anyway everybody hates you. I don't care if your mom emails me back. Its my website and I have the right to kick people off of it and you are the 1st one to be kicked off. Besides what is your mom going to do? I don't go to your school and why would you report me to the police? I'm just telling you to stop. YOU SWEAR TOO MUCH ON MY WEBSITE AND IF YOUR MOM WANTS TO KNOW THE TRUTH WELL HERE It is! just click that link, and go to guestbook. I know I swore at you and I was mad because you won't stop. You can't hold that against me so just STOP COMING ON!!! Thank you She is so stupid I hate her thats what I said by the way.
  15. Ok so this girl(Lets call her J) is coming on my web and swearing and everything. So I emailed her telling her to stop. And her mom calls the police! IS THAT RIGHT???? All because I told her to stop. But the police took away her computer. She said they were going to take mine but they never came. Tell me is her mom stupid or what??
  16. You might as well get the Ipod touch because it is portable and it has internet. You can use the internet whenever you want!
  17. I like Quizzes. Especially long ones LOL. Have you had a boyfriend before? No What do you want to be when you grow up? Medical Doctor Where would you like to live? Florida Your fav vacition spot? Florida Who have you known your whole life? My best guy friend Cameron Whats the worst food you have ever eatin? Spaghettios xP Fav Game? VolleyBall Do you like somebody? Yeppers How many friends do you have? over 215 Do you have a pet? Yes Favorite time of day? Afternoon Favorite season? Spring Do you swear? Sometimes XD Do you want to get married? Do I have to now? Whats your Height? 4ft 7 inches Right handed or Left? Right Pepsi or coke? Coke Have you been in love? YES! Whats your shoes size? 5 and a half-6 Do you like to go shopping? Yes What is your fav type of music? Boys like Girls, We The Kings Whats sport do you hate the most? Baseball Whats your fav tv show? The Suite Life of Zack and Cody Do you have any siblingS? Yep. How many times have you moved? Once Have You Ever... Said i love you and meant it? No Gone out in public in your pjs? Yes Kept a secret from everyone? Yes Cried during a movie? Nope Ever owned new kids on the block? Huh??? Planned your week based on the TV guide? Nope. Been on stage? Yes Been to New York? No Been to California? No Been to Florida? Yes Been to Hawaii? No Been to China? No Been to Europe? No Smoked a cigar? No, I don't think I ever will Crashed a friend's car? No Stolen a car? No. Skipped school? No, For a reason Yes Shoplifted? No Been fired? No Been in a fist fight? No Snuck out of your parent's house? Nope. Had feelings for someone who didn't have them back? Yes Been arrested? No Gone on a blind date? No Been to Canada? Yes Been to Mexico? No Been on a plane? Yes Purposely set a part of yourself on fire? No Eaten Sushi? Yes Been snowboarding? No Taken painkillers? Nah except may be tylonel if that counts Laid on your back and watched cloud shapes go by? Yes Questioned your heart? Yes Been obsessed with post-it notes? Yes... Squished barefoot through the mud? Yes Been lost? Yes Been to the opposite side of the country? yes Swam in the ocean? Yes Felt like dying? Yes Cried yourself to sleep? Yes Played cops and robbers? Yes Recently colored with crayons/colored pencils/markers? Yes, I just did this morning Paid for a meal with only coins? No Done something you told yourself you wouldn't do? Yes Made prank phone calls? Yes. Its fun! Laughed until some kind of beverage came out of your nose? YES! Caught a snowflake on your tongue? Yes Danced in the rain? Yes Got caught sneaking out? No Saw a shooting star? Yes, man that was awesomeness Had serious surgery? No Hugged a stranger? Psh I'm not that stupid... Pushed all the buttons on an elevator? OMG IT TOOK ME TO LIKE 16 DIFFERENT FLOORS!!! Swore at your parents? No Kicked a guy in the nutts? No Been skydiving? No, I want to! Gotten stitches? No Drank a whole gallon of milk in one hour? No Bitten someone? Yes Been to Niagara Falls? Yes Gotten the chicken pox? No Drove a car? No except at Cedar Point you know the bumper cars xD Drove around town with windows down and amplifiers turned up? No Worn a really ugly outfit to school just to see what others say? No Played nikky-nikky-nine-door ? Yep! Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on? Yes Been told you're hot by a complete stranger? Yes O.o Broken a bone? No Been easily amused? Yes Caught a fish then ate it? No Caught a butterfly? Yes Laughed so hard you cried? Yes! Cheated on a test/helped someone cheat? No Had a Britney Spears CD? No Forgotten someone's name? Yes French braided someone's hair? Yep Crashed into a friend's car? No Been to Japan? No Ridden in a taxi? Yes Been dumped? No Stole something from your job? No Celebrated mardi-gras in new orleans? No Been married? No Dated a red head? No Dated A Blond: No Dated a brunette? No Been to Africa? No Slept for 12 hours straight? No Lied about your name and had people believe you? Yes xD my name was cheesy puffernickels Eaten nothing for more than 5 days? No Slept at a boys house? No Rode on motorbike? No Said you'll be home one time and got in at least 2 hours late? No Made a bonfire on the beach? No, but at 5th grade camp I did. Crashed a party? No Gone roller skating? Yes Had a wish come true? Yes Played on the computer for 1 hour? Yes. More than an hour... Jumped off a bridge? No Ate dog/cat food? No I've tried to eat my turtle's food O.o Told a complete stranger you love them? No Kissed a mirror? Yes Sang in the shower? Yes Had a dream that you married someone? Yes. Glued your hand to something? Yes my desk. It wouldn't come off. Once I ripped it off my skin was peeling away XD Got your tongue stuck to a flag pole? Close Kissed a fish? No Been a cheerleader? No. Never will Sat on a roof top? No I want to Screamed at the top of your lungs? Yes Done a one-handed cartwheel? Yes Talked on the phone for more than 6 hours? No Stayed up all night? Yes Picked and ate an apple? No. Climbed a tree? Yes Had a tree house? Nope. Been scared to watch scary movies alone? Nope Believed in ghosts? Once Have more then 30 pairs of shoes? No Ever licked a window? Yes xD I'm weird Taken pictures of yourself for absolutley no reason at all? Yuppers
  18. Yes. But sometimes I feel stupid around them. But mostly yeah I'm comfortable. Every guy knows me. So I guess I am
  19. LOL I know right?? They always want some story, just a reason to follow her around. Some things were her fault but paparazzi. Psh if I was famous I'd pull my hair out with them following me. It probably does get annoying
  20. Agreed. She lost her kids. Its a rough time. I mean I'm no Chris Crocker or anything but I feel bad for her...She should really just stay in a thereapy house until she is ready to come back, like tamaw/pants said
  21. Yes I care I am wearing a shirt from aeropostale that says" Polar Bears need a home too!" And theres a polar bear sitting on melted ice with a traveling thingy So cute... But I am very very concerned. You know what would happen??? Scary to think about.
  22. I hate 'em. They are so stupid. I sent one to 10 people but nothing happened...I usually delete them. I sent emails to everybody I knew to stop sending me chain letters. People agreed with me but those were the people who usually send them xP Such hipocrits(sp?)
  23. I can look someone straight in the eye and lie. I'll also keep a straight face kind of like this :| Yepp I'm trying that though