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    tamas, my sister, my friends, gymnastics, singing, piano, flute, tv, computers, making friends, my old teacher who was really nice, roller coasters, when i get good grades, nice people, and many other things! :)<br><br>dislikes:<br><br>people that think that everyone has to go out of their way to please them, people who are mean to animals (poor animals! :( ), this girl named claire (She annoys me so much!), and other things.<br><br>My feelings now: (to the song, "Jesse's girl")<br><br>You know, I wish that I was Jesse's girl,<br>I wish that I was Jesse's girl<br>Where did i find a guy like that<br>I play along with the charade,<br>there doesn't seem to be<br>a reason to change<br>You know, I feel so dirty<br>when he starts talking cute<br>I wanna tell him that I love him,<br>but the point is probably moot<br>'Cos he's watching with those eyes<br>And hes walkin' with that body,<br>I just wana know it<br>that he's holding me<br>in his arms late, late at night<br><br>I really love Jesse's oohh,<br>I wish that I was Jesse's girl<br>Where did I find a guy,<br>where did I find a guy like that<br>And I'm lookin' in the mirror all the time,<br>wondering what hes gonna see in me<br>I've been funny,<br>I've been cool with the lines<br>Ain't that the way<br>love supposed to be<br>Tell me, where did I find a guy like that<br>You know, I wish that I was Jesse's girl

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  1. if you can't find the book, i can recomend one that has a good meaning, and you don't really need to read it to grasp the concept: Kira-kira is the name, i don't know the author but i will go look at the book and then i will post it. Good luck! ps: This has happend to me to, it is the worst feeling. ~Reanna
  2. My life is really confusing right now, and no one is making sence so: http://i22.tinypic.com/244vbyp.jpg ~Reanna
  3. I can make a paper crane, that usely impresses people ~Reanna
  4. Ever since i started Jr. High School i had been friends with these people: Coll, Hae, Cib, and Lea. L is, well, an anorexic 3$%^&. She thinks everything is about her and everyone gives a *sugar* about her. Everything you talk about turns into being about her. Here is an example: In my art class for some reason we were talking about squirrles. And suddenlly she has a million stories about her getting attacted by squirrles. and all of them went like this: I was walking *blah blah blah* I saw a squirrle *blah blah blah* it looked at me *blah blah* And i littlerly jumped out of my skin *blah blah blah* but i thought "what if..." *blah blah blah* and saved the squirrle from dieing *blah blah blah* and everything was fine. (and then she smiles the MOST ANNYOING WAY YOU HAVE EVER SEEN and laughs that LAUGH THAT MAKES YOU WANT TO KILL YOURSELF!!! She managed to make up about 50 of those storys!!! So i have been annyoing her. Now C is better, but still full of herself. She plays the piano for the consert at school, and can be talking to you one minute, and 2 minutes later if you say somthing to her she will turn around and start talking to somone else, and not even know you exsist if you start screaming at her. Hae... how to i begin to describe Hae. She is just somone who can keep your darkest secret and use it against you. If you tell her anything she will turn around annd RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU say it to some random person. She is just somone that you don't want to talk to, but if you don't, she will tell EVERYONE that you are being mean to her and that you are saying things about her that aren't true. I have been friends with Cib. for a long time. But you can't tell her anything, like i told her that my cousin was pregnant and she was only 15 because, Cib is my best friend. She went home, told her parents, who told my mom, who told her mom, who yelled at me for not telling her (wich i was going to) and then told my cousins mom. I asked her the next day "Why did you tell your mom?" and she said "Well what do you want me to do? Not talk to my mom? And not tell her to tell your mom? And not to let her tell your cousins mom??? HUH????!!??" Her mom is friends with my mom and my mom tells her mom everything about me and she tells Cib everything who tells the entire school. She never says sorry, even if she shot you my accident, she would say "It was not my fault. why do you always think i did these things?" So after being up to here with them (points above head) I started mostly hanging out with my friends from drama club. They don't say anythinb mean about me, and they don't make up things that aren't true, and they don't try to exclude you from them. I am Perfecty happy when i am with them, but there is one thing: They are known as the "emo" kids at school. They are not emo, and i have no idea why they are called emo. But know Hae. is going around saying that i am emo and saying that i am going to get my nose pierced and that i am in a gang and blah blah blah. It seems that even tho i am not friends with Hae, I can't get away from her. Coll is trying to get be back to being friends with them, but when i do, they just exclude me and they only want me to have someone to talk about. How can i just, get out of all of this? ~Reanna
  5. I take Spanish at My Jr. High School and i am in 8th grade. Our school used to take the 8th grade spanish to spain, but they don't anymore. I think they do it in high school tho! Our teacher was there when they were taking the classes to spain and they went to Madrid (she was 26 then, she is now 50, so it was a while ago XD) And she told us this story: Before they left every student had to get a permision slip (naturaly) and they also had to get another one because they severed wine at the resturants there. So all of them got permsion to drink it, but it was not like, really fancy wine. It was one step above viniger accualy. And one girl (she told us her name was wendy) drank to much, or the amont she did made her sick. So my teacher took her outside and told her to lye down. She has just gotten new shoes that day and the girl bent over and THREW UP all over my teacher XD XD it was soo funny! But did you ever to anywhere with your school? ~Reanna
  6. LUCKY!! i really want some interesting weather here. I live in NYC, and nothing interesting really happens, weather wise. Its drizzling, and people are like "I hope it clears up" but i am hoping for a thunderstorm. ~Reanna
  7. Queen of the World 'Nuff said. ~Reanna (aka future queen)
  8. Ditto! When ever i go to a resturaunt with my friends i always get those and i get soo many and they make me hyper and my friends are like, "Omg are you drunk or somthing?" LOL!! ~Reanna
  9. Um.. lets see: -Platapusses (the major one o.o!!) -Never getting a date...EVER -Not vomiting, but seeing other people vomit XO -Getting bad grades I am sure there are more ~Reanna
  10. I only have one. Tamagirl_desy. she is my best and only friend. I have said that i only have one friend and people were like "ohh i will be youur friend" and send me one pm and then never respond to me again. O well, i guess people just don't like to talk to me. YOu rock TGD!! ~Reanna
  11. Nasty. Just like mayonayes. *shudder shudder* ~Reanna
  12. I never did like her before the mistake, but now i just don't like her more. Those pictures were for Drake Bell and Zac Efron.She is not sorry that she took those pictures, if she was, she wouldn't have taken them. she is embarrassed. And also my cousins friend (well, she moved and now she doesn't see her anymore) was friends w/ vanessa before she was famos and got the role, and after that she was like "ugh why am i talking to you again?" and left, bt is all sweet in front of the cameras. I will understand if you don't believe me because she acts all sweet and everything. ~Reanna
  13. I will say this: I would be the BIGGEST fan of the movie, if it wasn't for vannessa hudgens (i refuse to capitalize her name, she doesn't deserve it). she ruins it. Therefor, the moive SUCKS! (i may be the onlly person in the world that doesn't like it) ~Reanna
  14. whats soo bad about being a teachers pet? ~Renna
  15. aww come on people! Lady and the tramp was cute!! The siamese cats "we are siamese if you plleaaasseeee! We are siamese if you don't plleasseee" awww!! LOL! ~Reanna