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  1. Well, I dunno much about the old ponies, but the new ones are a hit on the net.
  2. They were going to use Firefly, but couldn't. Add some rainbows and presto!- Rainbow Dash!
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JeJ6-gN0eB4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Kz80Uc_XTA Because.
  4. Lots of fandoms do ships that make zero sense. Take My Little Pony's latest cartoon's fandom, for instance. I don't feel the need to elaborate.
  5. The frog demaded alot of attention, which is why I smashed it to bits. I still regret it, though.
  6. I'm noticing a disturbing trend. You kids are into a lot of non-human characters. Eeeek.
  7. It's pretty good. Easier than an actual tamagotchi cause you could switch it off.
  8. I miss my Digital Doggie. Unfortunately, i went through a destructive phase and it and my Giga Pets frog got the worst of it. Kicking myself again.
  9. The actress that plays the mom is pretty hot. But thats's all I noticed.
  10. You all could avoid trouble by pausing it and leaving it at home.
  11. I heard this show was in filler mode right now and fans are flipping out. Is it true? If so, that's hilarious and serves the fans right for worshipping this instead of a classy anime like Digimon or P&S.
  12. So, does anyone else watch Doctor Who? I can never get enough of it!
  13. Because there are good videos, too: And many more. Youtube has both good and bad videos. Everything in the world has good and bad.
  14. I DO NOT RECCOMEND LEAVING THE BATTERY COVER OFF OF A TAMAGOTCHI! It will be more vunerable to the elements that way! If you can't take a screwdriver from your parents, go buy some from Radio Shack. That way, they're all yours.