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  1. How long has your tama been an adult cos mrs busybody dosnt come at an age she comes when your tama's bin an adult for three whole days 72 hours. (If my maths is bad sorry but it's the weekend- 11:15pm in england) I had a tama have mrs busybody come up at age 11 so don't worry !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. You have da secret character. It is'nt a glitch that's meant to happen. If u use matchmaker on it you are practically garenteed to get a kinakomotchi. Well done!!!!!!!!! Iz u'res a girl or a boy cos i've mated old folks Otokitchi and Ojitchi twice and both times i've had a boy lol
  3. Where else can u get a growth chart da mimitchi.com ones don't wrk 4 me. I don't have an osuchi or mesuchichi but some characters r used in tamagotchi version 2 and i wanna get da names 4 my growth chart. I think i mic=ght try n get a pair i.e. Osu and Mesu. P.S. Amandagotchi how did u do u're avater
  4. Mine waz a teen n it had full amount of gotchi points 9999
  5. 10:30am 3:00pm 7:00pm those r da times and it comes once your tama's been an adult 4 3 days
  6. You breed otokitchi and ojitchi and you will get either a shirobebitchi or a bebitchi. It will then change straight from that into an Oyajitchi. It isn't an old timer cos it can develop into otokitchi or ojitchi.
  7. Yes perfectly normal. I've had two and they only ever got 1 training. However if you use matchmaker with it u can still get kinakomotchi YAY!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. it has to be three overweight to play If you keep pressing b when they 'say hello'in bump you are almost guarenteed to get a high push level
  9. 3 days after u're tama became an adult matchmaker will come.
  10. Sleeping times are: Marutchi:8:00-8:00 Kinakomotchi:8:00-9:00 Young Mimitchi+Itchigotchi:8:00-9:00 Oniotchi+Hinotamatchi:9:00-10:00 Mimitchi+Mametchi:9:00-8:00 Memetchi+Kuchipatchi:10:00-9:00 Hanatchi+Robotchi:9:00-9:00 Maskutchi+Gozarutchi:11:00-10:00 Tarakotchi:10:00-8:00 Oyajitchi:11:00-10:00 Otokitchi+Ojitchi:8:00-7:00 PM me for more info
  11. Yes, cange the time to a time when it will be awake. If you have a UK version it will age when u do this but not with a US version. I'll assume u don't know the sleeping times: Marutchi:8:00-8:00 Kinakomotchi:8:00-9:00 Young Mimitchi+Itchigotchi:8:00-9:00 Oniotchi+Hinotamatchi:9:00-10:00 Mimitchi+Mametchi:9:00-8:00 Memetchi+Kuchipatchi10:00-9:00 Robotchi+Hanatchi9:00-9:00 Maskutchi+Gozarutchi11:00-10:00 Tarakotchi:10:00-8:00 Oyajitchi11:00-10:00 Otokitchi+Ojitchi:8:00-7:00 PM me for more info or just to chat
  12. I can help. I can't really explain it all here but i can give u da site i got da info from. I'll tell u in steps: 1. Go to www.peppersoup.net/tamasquare 2.Click on Tamagotchi Plus on the menue which will come up 3.Wait for all the page to load and then scroll down to the botton and click on indepth raising information 4. Read the page and you should learn all you need to know. PM me for more info. I know loads about tamagotchis. Also pm me to tell me if this works for you and u learn what u wanna know See ya
  13. Sleep= Marutchi: 8:00-8:00 Kinakomotchi: 8:00- 9:00 Itchigotchi +Young Mimitchi: 8:00-9:00 Oniotchi+Hinotamatchi: 9:00-10:00 Mimitchi+Mametchi: 9:00-8:00 Memetchi+Kuchipatchi: 10:00-9:00 Hanatchi+Robotchi: 9:00-9:00 Maskutchi+Gozarutchi: 11:00-10:00 Tarakotchi: 10:00-8:00 Oyajitchi: 11:00-10:00 Otokitchi + Ojitchi: 8:00-7:00 Hope this clears it up for u LOL
  14. She cumz at 10:30, 15:00 and 19:00 at least she duz om mine LOL