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  1. Lamatchi and Babatchi grew to adult stage! they came out very cute, i will probably find a marriage partner for one of them tomorrow
  2. Lamatchi and Babatchi evolved! they're still mostly identical, but different heart colors
  3. Lamatchi and Babatchi evolved a bit ago so far, they are identical
  4. Asbetchi and Yeqotchi's adult stage the citrus colors are creeping their way back in a proposal to a cute pumpkin got us another set of twins, Lamatchi and Babatchi we'll see what colors they end up this time
  5. Asbetchi and Yeqotchi's teen stage! oh jeez, they're green and orange again it keeps happening! i also caught Tekelitchi watching netflix earlier
  6. they've evolved! we've got a green one again, but it's more of a forest green than a citrus one this time Tekelitchi is 18 today, here he is with my cat
  7. after a bit of looking around and not seeing many on the app that caught any interest, Gadretchi suddenly received a proposal from a particularly cute tamagotchi, so i decided to keep the egg from this one this resulted in Asbetchi and Yeqotchi, yet another pair of pink and blue twin boys! wow (also wow, please excuse my screen dust on this one, not sure how i didn't notice)
  8. Gadretchi evolved, and did in fact stay purple as well as turning out rather cute i will probably find a marriage partner for him later or tomorrow
  9. Gadretchi evolved earlier, but i kept getting distracted and forgetting to post it, whoops he's stayed purple this time, so maybe he will be the one to break the Citrus Curse
  10. Gadretchi's child stage! i feel like there has been a surplus of purple children lately
  11. the twins evolved, and i guess the citrus curse is stickier than i thought! this is essentially the tamagotchi i crafted in MyMeets, besides the colors, so i suppose the Get Character option doesn't totally handle colors, at least in the case of twins given how strange and complicated how the color genes seem to work is compared to the others it's not very surprising i decided to test the Marry Character option once before returning to playing normally, but the character i sent had a few spots that were colored oddly compared to the preview image (maybe it's just inaccurate) that's okay, they can be partners in having unintended green hues Gadretchi here is next, strangely he is pink right now
  12. the twins evolved this morning their horns look kind of silly in the family photo
  13. Belialtchi and Belinuitchi have evolved, and sprouted horns
  14. Abraxatchi evolved and totally lost the color scheme he had in favor of continuing the citrus theming eerie unfortunately or not, it won't be going any further, because now that i've got mymeets working, i became increasingly curious about how the marriage options work exactly, and i decided to test it out with a tamagotchi i crafted for fun the other day ...and, i ended up with twins. wasn't expecting that well, i guess i'll get to see how this works out while Belialtchi and Belinuitchi grow up
  15. it seems like the On ends up with little specks like that under the screen pretty often, i think both the ones i have have at least one somewhere i'm not sure what could be done about it other than disassembling the thing and cleaning behind there, though i can't really give advice for that as i've only taken apart connection-series models, haha