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  1. i've seen a few around the app before, but they do seem to be a lot less common than identical twins i'll likely marry off Duckitchi due to my fondness for the Tamagyaotchi body, but i might reconsider if i receive a proposal for Grantchi that i like a lot
  2. Grantchi and Duckitchi evolved, and, whoa! this is the first time i've had twins with two different body types at the adult stage! they have different colored diamonds as well
  3. the twins have evolved! these colors remind me of fruity candies
  4. sorry i've been away for a bit! i've been a bit busy with my new aquarium, making sure it cycles right and everything is kinda difficult and this is my first time but i think it's coming along now and yeah, your previous tamagotchi just moves out after marrying, you can see them again if you go to their house, or earlier ones if you look at the family tree! anyhow, i finally found a marriage partner for Zotchi guess we're starting up again with twins! here's Grantchi and Duckitchi
  5. i went looking for a marriage partner for Zotchi today, but i wasn't able to find anyone interesting enough that accepted, so i'll go looking again tomorrow both of them sang to me this morning for my birthday, though! it was a little overwhelming first thing after i woke up, but it was nice, haha
  6. Happy Birthday - hope it was fun :)


  7. Happy Birthday. You Left Then Returned.

  8. Zotchi... turned out exactly the same as last generation i'm not even upset, it's pretty funny
  9. i was thinking the same thing Zotchi evolved again, and the family photo still looks pretty much like that
  10. whoops, forgot to post it yesterday, but here's Zotchi's child stage!
  11. Atatchi's adult stage! the ears didn't stick, but it still came out way cuter than i had even expected, i love those eyes and the jewel ears and crown on the green body this last proposal to a Polybaketchi got us Zotchi here! i'm pretty excited about this one
  12. a tad later than expected, but Atatchi evolved this morning! as long as she evolves again tomorrow as expected, i should be able to propose to a Polybaketchi one more time
  13. almost forgot! here's Atatchi's evolution from earlier
  14. Pokitchi evolved again this morning! not particularly what i was looking for, but just fine if i'm fast enough, i should be able to try for Polybaketchi genes one last time with Atatchi before the month ends!