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  1. Zotchi... turned out exactly the same as last generation i'm not even upset, it's pretty funny
  2. i was thinking the same thing Zotchi evolved again, and the family photo still looks pretty much like that
  3. whoops, forgot to post it yesterday, but here's Zotchi's child stage!
  4. Atatchi's adult stage! the ears didn't stick, but it still came out way cuter than i had even expected, i love those eyes and the jewel ears and crown on the green body this last proposal to a Polybaketchi got us Zotchi here! i'm pretty excited about this one
  5. a tad later than expected, but Atatchi evolved this morning! as long as she evolves again tomorrow as expected, i should be able to propose to a Polybaketchi one more time
  6. almost forgot! here's Atatchi's evolution from earlier
  7. Pokitchi evolved again this morning! not particularly what i was looking for, but just fine if i'm fast enough, i should be able to try for Polybaketchi genes one last time with Atatchi before the month ends!
  8. i got a little distracted from posting, but Pokitchi evolved this morning! it looks like the Cinnamoroll body is most likely this time, but that's alright
  9. Pokitchi evolved! there's not really a bad way this can go
  10. i managed to find a partner that had the Polybaketchi eyes, so i went for it Pokitchi should grow up in time for me to try for the Polybaketchi genes directly one more time
  11. Mikatchi's adult stage! this one took an odd turn, but it's also a cute one, so i don't mind
  12. Mikatchi evolved again! i don't think there's any way we won't get the Polybaketchi body this time
  13. Mikatchi evolved still yellow, but the precious ears! wonderful
  14. aw, thanks! i've gotten a bit distracted lately, but it's a lot of fun updating everyone, so i'll probably keep going for awhile i managed to accidentally turn Fentchi yellow with lemon pies first (whoops), but i managed to get a proposal from Polybaketchi after a few tries it seems like the yellow color has passed onto Mikatchi (excuse the awkward blurry astral projection in the first picture), at least for now, but that might change later
  15. Fentchi evolved success! i'm surprised i got the Polybaketchi body so easily