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  1. Gadretchi's child stage! i feel like there has been a surplus of purple children lately
  2. the twins evolved, and i guess the citrus curse is stickier than i thought! this is essentially the tamagotchi i crafted in MyMeets, besides the colors, so i suppose the Get Character option doesn't totally handle colors, at least in the case of twins given how strange and complicated how the color genes seem to work is compared to the others it's not very surprising i decided to test the Marry Character option once before returning to playing normally, but the character i sent had a few spots that were colored oddly compared to the preview image (maybe it's just inaccurate) that's okay, they can be partners in having unintended green hues Gadretchi here is next, strangely he is pink right now
  3. the twins evolved this morning their horns look kind of silly in the family photo
  4. Belialtchi and Belinuitchi have evolved, and sprouted horns
  5. Abraxatchi evolved and totally lost the color scheme he had in favor of continuing the citrus theming eerie unfortunately or not, it won't be going any further, because now that i've got mymeets working, i became increasingly curious about how the marriage options work exactly, and i decided to test it out with a tamagotchi i crafted for fun the other day ...and, i ended up with twins. wasn't expecting that well, i guess i'll get to see how this works out while Belialtchi and Belinuitchi grow up
  6. it seems like the On ends up with little specks like that under the screen pretty often, i think both the ones i have have at least one somewhere i'm not sure what could be done about it other than disassembling the thing and cleaning behind there, though i can't really give advice for that as i've only taken apart connection-series models, haha
  7. Abraxatchi evolved earlier while i was in class i took pictures while i was on break, but it slipped my mind to post them until now. whoops i like his color scheme so far
  8. Abraxatchi evolved earlier, i am late posting because i was working on a birdhouse he is very purple
  9. found a simple little fellow to propose to in the app after awhile of looking this resulted in a little pink bean with an interesting family tree
  10. Egetchi evolved, and it seems she has a citrus theme as well, though her body has more of a lime hue than her parent Charatchi's eyes still look funny on most body types, so i enjoy it it's a little bit late, and they're not on an On, but i figured i may as well introduce the third Tamagotchi i currently have running, a Kuchipatchi family on my old cookie dough V5 i probably won't update on them much, since i'm pretty happy with what i've got, but i figured they should get some recognition (incidentally, Kuchipatchi is probably my favorite Tamagotchi after Ginjirotchi, which might not be surprising given they've both got the same nondescript dino-ducky bean body and pretty similar features, i just have a preference for Ginjirotchi's cheerful disposition and little head pattern. also, i happen to be partial to blue)
  11. tekelitchi was asking for accessories we tried a few things but he seemed to like the hat the best we'll stick with that for awhile
  12. Egetchi evolved i know that teen stage! looks like another Tamagyaotchi body soon i'm excited to see what it looks like with the music note head
  13. it takes some trial and error, but usually as long as you're in the plaza with your friend at the same time, you should be able to find their tamagotchi sometimes it's a little harder if there's a lot of people in the plaza at once, so if you can't find them, try going into the arcade and back out to refresh which ones show up, and just keep trying until you see them you can also try going into the Tama Party at the same time, but i haven't tested that myself so i'm not sure how reliable it is
  14. Egetchi evolved, and it seems she is just as proficient at astral projecting as her father
  15. i wasn't sure if i wanted to marry off the twins today, but i saw a peculiar citrus dinosaur on the app and decided to ended up with another green baby, despite not marrying off the green twin