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  1. thank you peonitchi has evolved, and that is most definitely a different teen stage than the one before! this most likely means he's inherited the Takotakoyakitchi body, but we'll see Hoshipontchi should evolve soon as well
  2. you can enable debug mode and hyperspeed in the Connection series by taking the tamagotchi apart, shorting the debug jumper, and then putting it back together (though it's hazardous on the V4/V4.5 because you can't turn hyperspeed off without going back in and removing the debug mode short afterwards, and requires a soldering iron if you want to debug a V5), but i don't think there's a way to do something like that in any of the more recent ones the only thing i can think of besides that is if your tamagotchi grows from a baby to child stage late so it would go to sleep before evolving to the teen and adult stage, you can set the clock back to wake it up at the time it would evolve if it wasn't sleeping, that will let it evolve if you don't want to wait until morning for it to evolve, but that isn't really speeding it up so much as preventing it from taking longer than it would otherwise
  3. thank you c:: Peonitchi is generation 10, i started logging here with Basedtchi at generation 8, and the Dorotchi body has stuck around since generation 5, but i'm okay with that for now
  4. their colors and the flowery ears remind me of spring, haha
  5. Shizukutchi is now Hoshipontchi hoshipontchi and peonitchi are friends
  6. oh man, sorry to make another update so quick, but the fairy On my partner got for me arrived today so, Shizukutchi is now joining us as well
  7. peonitchi evolved a little while ago he is purple, which is nice, and it looks like he's kept the snow hat so far, which i don't mind since it is cute
  8. after a long time and a few frustrating instances of failed proposals and Tamagyaotchi that i wasn't able to marry, i decided to go with one of my other favorite body types (and from another pair of twins, coincidentally) peonitchi is not twins, but still cute
  9. she will appear if you put the magic mirror or the no g kit outside
  10. thank you they've evolved! dorotchi body again, but that's okay, they are cute i have set the time back to look for another marriage partner, so i will go searching
  11. they've evolved they're the same color now, but different back accessories again, this is the teen that becomes dorotchi body, but i still don't know which teen corresponds to Tamagyaotchi, so it could still be either they are back to sleep again now
  12. i had the same stubborn trait situation for quite awhile, but with lovelitchi's ears instead of body i have heard that the happiness level during the first two stages has a small influence on which body type is inherited, and the care level influences which other traits are inherited, but i feel too guilty trying to take worse care of them on purpose to see if it's true
  13. thank you c:: they found the same tama pet as basedtchi today they will probably go to sleep before they evolve again since they evolved late last night, but i might change the clock briefly later so they can evolve and then let them go back to sleep
  14. that is a teen stage tamagotchi, it just resembles an adult a bit it should grow in a day or so and then you should be able to use accessories and whatnot
  15. mallotchi and mellotchi have evolved, with very nice colors and cute hats they went right to bed after basedchi left, since it is a little bit late