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  1. Ettchi evolved! i kind of love the Maskutchi eyes on Tamagyaotchi Kuriten has arrived! we'll see if it can become the Twin Angels next
  2. Ettchi evolved! it looks like i'm going to end up running two Tamagyaotchi at once Tamatenshi is here as well! i might go for Kuriten this time, but i'm not sure yet
  3. Ettchi evolved, and is no longer yellowish Ghost Jr. has become Marutenshi as well
  4. it took me a bit to find an interesting marriage partner, but i ended up going with a cute Tamagyaotchi Ettchi is sort of yellow, for some reason Ghost Jr. is here again i enjoy his opened mouth sprite that is also used for his angry animation, it makes him look like he is furiously spitting
  5. Ginjirotenshi left today well, it's been fun i've been a bit preoccupied with Animal Crossing, but i think i'll be marrying off Mastchi and starting up the Angelgotch again tomorrow, so i should have more to update on then!
  6. the Tamagotchi On, the english release of the Meets Mastchi's adult stage! probably the closest i've gotten so far, i don't think i'll have time to propose to Maskutchi again before march ends because Mastchi can't do that directly, but i'm happy with this
  7. ears are still there! so far so good
  8. i've been running one recently and i've had mine go to the bathroom without any prayer calls, so while it definitely always does that after prayer calls, i don't think it's only after prayer calls that it happens it does seem like both prayer calls and strolls are completely random occurrences rather than having any set time, though, sometimes i go days with just one or the other or neither happening
  9. ears! exciting! hopefully they stay this time i managed to catch Ginjirotenshi praying in time to get a picture today, i love how he just shines like this
  10. i tend to get the same problem when i forget to turn bluetooth on before trying to connect, but it also looks like for some reason, windows is trying to pull the paths for MyMeets from the system folders instead of the MyMeets folder like it's supposed to if you're making sure bluetooth is on already, maybe try re-downloading MyMeets, if that doesn't work, it may be a bug in the most recent update
  11. on the On, in every generation after the first, you get to type in a name for the new Tamagotchi you get and thank you this Maskutchi was very cooperative today and i managed to marry one of the twins to him after only one try! it's unlikely i'll end up with a perfect clone Maskutchi at this point before the end of march, but i'll try to get as close as possible! also, this family tree is exceptionally cute
  12. i decided to wait until tomorrow to marry off the twins, since i have online class tomorrow however, Tekelitchi is 50 days old today! here he is enjoying his favorite food Ginjirotenshi is back as well, and has been enjoying some chocolates
  13. i've been having a lot of fun with it! i'm waiting until i can get the Able Sisters' shop so i can share the designs i've been making, and the amiibo features so i can have Octavian move in since he's my favorite here is my character with Biff
  14. Pennetchi and Fettutchi evolved, and turned out very cute! the Maskutchi body improves the appeal of any generic eyelashy eyes tenfold, i think i will probably marry one of them to Maskutchi later or tomorrow Tamatenshi will be an adult again tomorrow morning, but i caught him doing something funny today, the pictures are a bit blurry because i was rushing to catch it in time i guess i called him back early from the gym
  15. it's not possible at the moment, but Santaclautchi was the monthly guest for December, and could be married using the Tama Party during that time he might come back next December, I would figure there's a video of someone connecting to the app and meeting Santaclautchi at the Tama Party here, you can see the marriage happen around 14:27
  16. yes! that's the teen stage that corresponds to Maskutchi again, so it's likely we'll get the Maskutchi body back this generation also, minor update on the Angelgotch, it reset itself suddenly last night, most likely because i didn't have the back screwed on tight enough (i don't have a screwdriver suitable for such small screws at the moment and i didn't want to strip them), so it's back to Marutenshi for now minor setback, i'm confident now that i can get Ginjirotenshi again easily, and i taped the back a bit so hopefully it won't reset accidentally this time
  17. Pennetchi and Fettutchi evolved! they don't have the Maskutchi ears, but still cute Ginjirotenshi!! success! now i just need to try to keep him hanging around as long as i can, i suppose
  18. Freezitchi married a very cute Tamagotchi who looks almost like a stylized drawing of Maskutchi (it actually took a couple proposals to get this to happen because we kept missing each other) this resulted in twins, Pennetchi and Fettutchi! exciting (i ended up with Pennetchi because i was thinking about how Nonopotchi is a penguin but "Pentchi" wouldn't fit if they inherit the Maskutchi body instead, so i thought about penne and then from there my brain was on pasta)
  19. Freezitchi's adult stage! it's a lot like the Nonopotchi parent, somehow those eyes are a little less unsettling on the chubby, vacant penguin body Tamatenshi! from this point forwards, i have to pay significantly less attention to it until it evolves again in order to get Ginjirotenshi. sorry, Tamatenshi
  20. obviously they're not going to make it explicitly canon and we don't expect that from big companies, but i really don't see any reason to be "against" the idea of queer people interpreting them as lesbians? lovelitchi and melodytchi don't particularly interest me, so i don't have much of an opinion although i'm queer myself (though i have seen an interpretation of lovelitchi's whole secret identity arc being very easy to read as an allegory for being transgender even if it wasn't necessarily intended and i agree, though personally kuromametchi was the absolutely standout Egg to me during my watch), but i think something nice about fiction is that people can interpret it whatever way makes them happy, and if a lesbian thinks that their relationship resonates with her own experiences then i think that's nice (also, something being for kids really isn't a good argument against including queer themes, queer kids exist, i was one myself, and i honestly wouldn't be surprised if some of the people interpreting lovelitchi and melodytchi as lesbians are young lesbian girls/early teens in fandom)
  21. Marutchi Angel is here! i'm still working on getting good shots of the screens on the older ones so bear with me
  22. it looks like Freezitchi will probably be another bird, but this time maybe with a ribbon? and here's the surprise update i mentioned a few days ago, i am now running an Angelgotch! i feel it's obvious what my goal for this one is, and luckily having run one of these a long time ago, i still remember exactly what to do to end up with Ginjirotenshi, so the only real barrier is the possibility of my current sleep schedule causing care misses during the child stage, haha
  23. well, that's a nice little bow, as long as it doesn't mutate back into the fruit again
  24. fruit bird! unfortunately, we've officially lost all Maskutchi genetics, but oh well, it's a nice enough detour i suppose Maskutchi was giving me grief and being troublesome to pair with at the Tama Party, and i saw a cute Nonopotchi, so i decided to go for that instead since i haven't had that body type yet, even though those eyes unsettle me slightly this may have been a mistake, as i won't be able to directly propose to Maskutchi this generation, but i can always try getting the genes indirectly again
  25. Amaltchi's teen stage it looks like we're almost definitely ending up with a fruit bird, which i'm fine with for now i suppose