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  1. I havent got one yet but im planning to get one however I am so confused when it comes to the growth process. I understand how it gets from baby to adult however I do not understand the marriage or breeding part and if the the tamagotchis leave the babies or not? Any answers would be helpful Thankss
  2. Ermmmm..there is an easier way to do it just press a and c together.
  3. Yes i beleive you can it all depends if u can interact.
  4. Thats good beacus i just got a warusotchi and i thought it was a character you get by neglecting it.
  5. It s possible the tamagotchi you are fighting may have a higher weight then you so reall its not just the bar that counts but the weight to.In other words the heavier you are the better chance you will have at winning.
  6. I just had a warusotchi and i thought he was a normal care character.
  7. This is a Toratchi You get him on V2s and i think he is rare and you can get him without debugging your tama but im not absolutely positive.I know this because i have seen him in bump and i dont think they would put a debug character in one of the games.
  8. I actually prefer to get the girls to the boys.But i prefer to get the boys on an even generatino on a v3 tamagotchi and girls on an odd generation on a v3.
  9. Just to let u know if u do mate to oldies your baby will skip the child and teenager stage and evolve straight into oyajitchi.This is what ive heard.
  10. That isnt very nice they were only trying to help and the only way i have ever heard of getting a nazotchi is by debugging it.If there is a glitch i would like to hear it and see if it works for myself.
  11. Thats happened to my brother before.Maybe the time was wrong and it woke up earlier then usual.
  12. If you mean the nyatchi or hohotchi costumes then all you have to do is put your tama to sleep and the costume should be off. Hope this helps. chris92
  13. My only suggestion is that you keep feeding it a lot of sweets and food.
  14. The love potion help your tama breed quicker.For example if you had a male sekitoritchi and a female paparatchi then you can use the love potionon one of them to make them love eachother straight away.You will know if it has worked or not because if it has they will kiss eachother.It only works if you use two V3 or two V2.You cant use the love potion with a V3 and a V2. Hope this helps chris92
  15. Tamagotchi V3 character chart From chris92
  16. Because it goes well with fish and chips Why is the house white?
  17. Tamagotchi's Name: Sadie Tamagotchi's Age: 8 Date of Birth: Beggining of August Date of Passing: About August 7th What Generation? 8 Your Comments: A sweet pipotchi who died while my brothers were annoyin me.Sadly it only died just after i picked it up.
  18. Actually the match maker comes at the times 10:30 3:00 and 7:00.
  19. Its basically 72 hours after your tamagotchi has evolved into an adult.
  20. If you are talking about the V3 costumes it is the characters nyatchi and hohotchi.You get thes costumes by entering the passwords into the shop. 1. ABBA ACBA = cake 2. BCAB ACBC = steak 3. CBAC CABC = cuckoo clock 4. AABB CACB = RC Car 2 5. CACA BABC = Nyatchi Costume***** 6. ACBB BACC = hair gel 7. BCBC CABA = love potion (honey) To get the hohotchi costume you must enter all the codes but the last code you enter wont be the item.It will be the hohotchi costume.
  21. I just got a pipotchi and to be honest to get it i took really bad care of it.I actually thought i was going to get a gozarutchi.Anyway it evolved from a hashitamatchi and you can only get pipotchis on even generations.Although i took really bad care of it i played a lot of games with it. Hope this helps chris92