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  1. Mew, that would be an epic concept. Nix, I'd love some new music from them. I hope so. xD
  2. The Cup - Stanley Cup Inuit - Eskimo South of the border - America Pop - Soda Two-Four - Pack of beer with 24 bottles/cans Double-Double - Coffee with double cream and sugar Toque - Winter Hat Hydro - Electricity Chesterfield - Couch Poutine - Fries with gravy and cheese on top (They're delicious. :3) Serviettes - Napkins Newfie - Someone from Newfoundland
  3. Redheads will be extinct in 100 years, because there aren't enough genes to be passed down.
  4. Whatever they chose would be interesting. In June 2009, it was announced Wentz is working on a five-issue comic book miniseries called Fall Out Toyworks, to be published by Image Comics. The idea was conceived by Wentz and designer Darren Romanelli. The plot is loosely based on the Fall Out Boy song "Tiffany Blews" and focuses on "a mysterious toymaker, a cyborg gal named Tiffany and a kid in a bear suit that looks lifted from the cover of Fall Out Boy's Folie á Deux". It is to be written by writer Brett Lewis, art from Sam Basri and the first issue will be released on September 2, 2009." Yay for Wikipedia~ I hope it's avaliable for some sort of online downloading. XD
  5. A video I posted on Facebook. At a sports camp, one councellor stood and walked on the tables while singing The Ants Go Marching. XDD
  6. Technically this was at a sports camp, but it was a school trip. On the bus ride there, Wyatt and Austin were sitting in the frotn and throwing marshmellows at the people in the back. We stopped at McDonald's, and we all bought Happy Meal toys. Also, we probably screamed more when we stopped at McDonald's than when we pulled into the camp. At the campfire, one of the councellors was leading everyone in singing the Ants Go Marching. He was walking around the fire and he was getting all intense into the song like "HOORAHHHHHHHHHHH! AHHHHH!" xD Then he took his shirt off and threw it at me. ;.; If we put our elbows on the table, our councellor would make us do something stupid in front of the whole dining hall. Me and Sam propsed to two councellors and had to stand up on the table and dance. There's a piano in the dining hall, and Adam was playing on it when he was done eating dinner. He started playing Don't Stop Believing by Journey, and everyone from our school surrounded the piano as we screamed the lyrics. For one of the camp games, we had to find the Holy Grail, and we had to finish all these challenges to find it. One challenge was a councellor standing on the bridge over the creek and when people went up to him, he would go all "NONE SHALL PASS!" And if you passed him, you finished one of the challenges and get a mark on your hand to prove it. He wouldn't give us the mark, and we stood there for ten minutes going "GIVE US THE MARK! WE PASSED YOU!" Kaitlyn even tried hugging him. Now she calls that councellor her huggy buddy. Then at night, it was like "Goodnight Allie, Goodnight Sam..." Then Kaitlyn goes "GOODNIGHT WIDGET! MY HUGGY BUDDY!" And everyone couldn't stop laughing.
  7. "I hear their songs on the radio all the time." So you pretty much know five of their songs, correct? :/
  8. A concept album would actually be interesting. xD
  9. Prepare To Be Digitally Manipulated - Four Year Strong
  10. That reminds me of Jacob's speech. "There's been many bad leaders in the world. Hitler, Napolean, and the worst, GEORGE BUSH. I mean, I can't be any worse than him!" "Every two hours, disco music will start playing, and there will be a ten minute disco break." "There will be a McDonald's on every street corner. This will be good for the economy, because instead of buying cars, everyone will roll around on their own fat."
  11. In my wallet, I have $200. I had five bucks in my pocket, but then I bought my friend an ice cream float form the ice cream truck. 8D
  12. There was a freaking ice cream truck outside of our school a tthe end of the day. I bought my friend an ice cream float, and I was ripped off cause I couldn't eat anything, since I have peanut allergies. D: Then Adam walked up to me eating ice cream topped with peanuts, and he said "This sucks. Now I can't give you a goodbye kiss!" So I said I'd go suicidal for that anyday. XDD Then we passed these kids from my old school who were eating freezies on the way home, and we were like "YOU'RE JEALOUS OF OUR ICE CREAM FLOAT!" And kept walking. In French, we had bandie wars. Which consisted of me and another kid going "You want to rape Chris Martin!" "No I don't! You like to look at Pete Wentz's penis!" "No I don't!" back and forth. xD Also, during French, Jacob called Wyatt a d***. Wyatt yells "JACOB CALLED ME A d***!" then someone said "It's French class. No speaking English." So he said "JACOB CALLED ME UN DIQUE!"