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  1. We already have an active topic on MS: Yeah, I play. xD
  2. ..It's fixed now. It would've been a shame if you couldn't play anymore. f7. Level 42.
  3. I do. Haha. It's good. .__. But the way RG said it makes it sound weird. <__>
  4. Lol, I found this rather amusing. Look at there IGN.
  5. ^Lmao Rtt. You never leave Henesys. D: Well I'm level 40. I don't train much anymore though. I'm wanna grind to 51 and do glitch PQ. My friend got from 51 to 70 in like, 5 days doing glitch PQ. ._.
  6. I found this at the Japanese Tamagotchi site.. It looks like some sort of store or something. It's opening in Tokyo on August 10th... does anyone have any more info on it?
  7. Okay, we all know how fascinating emo's are, but can we please try to stay on subject? >.>
  8. Mother and Child Reunion - Paul Simon. Haha. He's so awesome. xD
  9. I love Popcorn. Especially cheddar or buttered. xD
  10. Does anyone here have or know someone that has RLS? I was recently diagnosed with it... we weren't sure what it was before. For those of you who don't know what it is - It's called Restless Legs Syndrome, and it's where you have a strange sensation in your legs (sensations can be tingly, tight, or creepy crawly feelings), which give you the urge to move your legs. It's not that bad. xP Does anyone here have it?