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  1. You know, the poop machine is creepy.
  2. For my v3, how long will my adult live with my baby tama? It's getting creepy.
  3. If I want a male child, what do I press?
  4. Too bad there already is a chart. EDIT: The other chart has Pictures.
  5. Re-enter the password your tama gave you to the king and you can go back, only it will be the same trip.
  6. You choose 'other' from your v3 and use that to connect.
  7. You don't potty train them. They poo when they want to.
  8. By the way, I think your tama thought you were gonna donate 12,000 gp but when you donated 5000 you got the pass for the ring. The other gp is still in record so no need to pay 12,000 next time, just donate 6,999 and you get another password.
  9. You know, you should label the posters 2 and 3. It's a lot easier.
  10. If you use the battery cheat on V3, you will get 10 more days of battery even when it's out.
  11. Actually, you don't have a choice to reset everything or not.
  12. No, the shopkeeper codes are for some other set of codes, if you want to get your passport and whatnot from TamaTown, You have to go to "Passwords" located under "Shop". When you're there, press the middle button so that 10 zeros come up. Suppose your passport code is 43293 23419(it isn't this password, of course), then you must: -press the left button 4 times to get the number 4 -press the middle button to confirm that number -repeat the steps for the other numbers until you get to the end of the 10 numbers and press the middle button -if you made a mistake on a number, press the right key and it will go back one number so you can fix it
  13. Actually, Wings can only be bought using a code from TamaTown. Also, there are 2 bows: A bow(White)(Females) and a Bow Tie(Black)(Males)
  14. I have 11: 1. Passport 5. Textbook 19. Balloon 20. Baseball Cap 21. Teddy Bear 23. Rare CD 26. Poster 2 28. Bandai 29. Mic 30. Suitcase 31. Trophy