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    I have two tamas running at the mo [1 x v4 & v5]<br>I am always happy to help people that need it. I like swimming, gymnastics, dancing, computers, drawing and llamas.<br><br>I am happy to make you an avvie, but my drawing skills are limited to robotchi and tama v5s.

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  1. Uh, yeah thats what puppies are for No offence or anything... I'm not having a go at ur idea or anything. Peace. Lol Now Its feels like bandai are trying to cram too much into tamagotchi, and they are running out of original ideas ~Tama_grl
  2. Hi all! Well, my v5 turned into teens, and my v4 is 3 and hasn't gone to school . Not much happening, but I will update you when it does ~Give a bit, A star is born. ANd if you're hot enough, You'll get the pass, so you can tell your friends that you made it back.~ Hay Baby - No Doubt ~tama_grl Mood: Acheing
  3. I have 130 songs... So yeah. I'll go to the trouble of writing some of them Artists: [http://http://i26.tinypic.com/e1dbua.jpg]R - V[/url] *More soon *
  4. PS< I have had my v5 for a month So its fair.
  5. For me, its between the v1 and the v5 I love the v5, and I like the v1 coz its not loaded with games and so simple. It has a good design too. ~tama_grl
  6. I personally haven't put mine down! I dropped all my others and paid constant attention. I have a very short attention sp- OH LOOK A BIRD!!!! Mwahahaha. What am I talking about? Oh, About the bird. The bird was a brown-sh color. Oh wait, no, about tamas. Yeah. I love the v5. ~tama_grl
  7. Its not on purpose! And I'm not in the uk, but I do chew the key charm you get over here! Its like how people chew their nails, or their pens/pen caps. I cant help it! lol PS, I edited the quote with punctuation marks XD ~tama_grl
  8. Hi all! Okay, well, I just played the dating game, and my Tama had an egg! They are hatching as I type. My character that I mated turned into a mame character. I am playing golf putt. I'll check their genders next. I have two girls and a boy. I havent been bothered to wake up my v4 coz my v5 is more interesting. Now I have 3 bouncing babies on my screen. I'm pretty sure I will have the mame family, but IDK. All will be revealed in an hour. My tamas have needed to use the bathroom twice.Nearly 100 veiws! Woah, thats alot. I guess that means people are actually inhterested. It got 10 since yesterday! ~Ignorance is bliss~ Kelly Clarkson - Never again ~tama_grl Mood: Extra cool
  9. Hi all! Grrr. I just wrote a whole log and the computer mucked up!!! > Oh well. This is just a quick update. Well, What to say... My v4(Danni) Turned into pyonkotchi, got a job as a TV person, had a baby, called it Fi Fi, grew up into mohitamatchi. My v5 Had a baby, Grew up 3 times and will get married some time this week. I haven't had time to play with them so their bonding is at 30%. I make them sleep all day while I'm at school. I can't believe I'm in year 8 this year. (Oh, right, I'd be in 9th grade in new zealand and maybe america, because the system is different.) OMG, my mouth is on fire! I'm Eating this spicy pasta. Yuck, just bit a whole peppercorn! Ick, now all I can taste is burning and pepper... ~I hear voices and the dont like you!!!~ ~tama_grl, AKA JoJo
  10. The games are TV Surfing - You have to match up the pictures of various characters Tea Time - Equivilent to Flag, but the buttons are "A" & "B" Golf Putt - Must be on gen. 2 or up. Hit the ball the right way by getting the moving arrow under the golf ball. Shoe pairs - Gen 2 or above - Match up the shoes. ~tama_grl
  11. OMG, i/10! (i = infinity) That is so good! ..()_() (=^^=) ((")_(")) Bunneh... lol
  12. Yes, really weird. It also frustrates me that it is based on skill points, and if you don't have enough I can't get a mametchi! And also how you can only get, say, a mimitchi, If its a girl!
  13. tama_grl


    I just drew it on paint! lol. I could draw you a template though, if you like Template for you to use And where I lived they only had the clear one in an ugly-ish yellow. ~tama_grl
  14. Mmmm, chicken nuggets... lol. Serously, Is vancouver in Washington? IDK that! What!? I'm in aus with 5 states to remember, lol. Yeah, well they are slowly coming out accross the us. (Even though I dont live there). I think some one said they had them @ 'wallmart'. (Whatever that is) Oh, right. We call it Big W over here... (I think they are the same) Anyway, you just have to be patient. ~tama_grl
  15. |\.\ |.\.\ |.|.\_\____ |.|..\...........\ .V.....______\_) Its a shoe!! lol