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  1. did u know that the old guy thats the head master of the school i think his names like gandorf or sumthing ya he's suposed to be gay.. HAHAHAHAHAHAH
  2. but when i click on the bond icon they dont do anything except just sit there with a ? over thir head
  3. also can i adopt strawberry?
  4. ya id like to leave elizabeth -------> elizabeth is fun and energetic and is always right on top of all the latest fashion trends!! ^__^
  5. well im natrualy skinny and im kinda tallish but i cant find skinny enough jeans i mean i see girls shorter than me and the same size too and thay have super skinny jeans but i cant find them any where!! please can some just suggest a store to go to or sumthing!!! :
  6. well i need help, how do you get a non-mixed family? and how do u get them to bond? please help!!
  7. can i leave a tama here?
  8. no im in 7th but started late and hes 14 too but should be in 7th and i dont knw he is not
  9. actualy no i started to like boys waaaaayyyy befor that like in 3rd grade ok
  10. ok ok so like i wanna go out with this guy i 6th grade and i really like him but i dont know if i can have a bf yet and i needed advice on how to go about asking my mom when and if i can start dating, cause i dont think she knows im interested in boys yet i really need help! pleeeeeeeease!!!
  11. neon blue boy shorts but there the tight style and they are underware dark blue shirt with little white designes a red super thin hoody and a white bra with pink on the edges
  12. its kinda plain but for some reason really really cute 9/1o