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  1. Thank you very much i didn't know what a etamago was but now i do
  2. I really want the Tamaschool to open now but we just have to wait
  3. I'm sorry I didn't mean to sound like I was bragging or being rude, what I meant to say was I got a robotchi on v2, I got an apple tama and it evolved into a robotchi.
  4. Sorry... but you can't use the souvenirs
  5. I don't know really how i got it but i had that apple tama and i heard the evolving noise and it was a robogotchi
  6. And when it died i had every item but now i only have a few
  7. They lose there items when they die and this happened to me
  8. The matchmaker comes when its 7or8 and set the time to 6:59 and wait for one minute
  9. I'm so sorry my cousins were messing with this and you can't play with the password items