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  1. So far i have made 7 friends
  2. TommyB

    What e-Tamago is

    Thank you very much i didn't know what a etamago was but now i do
  3. TommyB

    Coming soon...

    I really want the Tamaschool to open now but we just have to wait
  4. TommyB

    Music on TamaTown..

    I think the music is strange too
  5. TommyB

    How do I get a robotchi?

    I'm sorry I didn't mean to sound like I was bragging or being rude, what I meant to say was I got a robotchi on v2, I got an apple tama and it evolved into a robotchi.
  6. TommyB

    How do you use souvenirs

    Sorry... but you can't use the souvenirs
  7. TommyB

    How do I get a robotchi?

    I don't know really how i got it but i had that apple tama and i heard the evolving noise and it was a robogotchi
  8. TommyB

    Just a question about V.3

    And when it died i had every item but now i only have a few
  9. TommyB

    Just a question about V.3

    They lose there items when they die and this happened to me
  10. TommyB


    That is creepy
  11. TommyB

    When are tama V3 gonna be realeased in UK

    In april i think
  12. TommyB

    V3 matchmaker question

    The matchmaker comes when its 7or8 and set the time to 6:59 and wait for one minute
  13. TommyB

    I need help.

    I'm so sorry my cousins were messing with this and you can't play with the password items
  14. TommyB

    How do I get a robotchi?

    I have a Robotchi