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  1. what we takin bout well i did get a new 1
  2. well if you are confusued you sould ask1 of your frends
  3. yea and btw aka by the way i never leve my tama at my grannys i kep it in a pocket
  4. wow thats cool debuging thanks i tryed it with my 5th tama it worked
  5. yea i didnt leave it at my grandmas
  6. well i lost it at springville wall mart and i was taking care of it i was waking alll the suden its gone some 1 toke it i got onother 1 but that 1 was spechile
  7. my tamagotchi got lost if you know some 1 how has it its blue camo flage please reply
  8. well there good have same charecters