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    hi i'm not here anymore but if u wanna get into contact with me shoot me a message, i come back every few months for nostalgia reasons
  1. Oh! I'm a 2006-er. I miss the old TamaTalk so much. I doubt anyone even remembers me... XD
  2. Usually. It ranges between Loraine and Fabulous, you know.
  3. I feel like a nerd because I sometimes still call you Shelly out of habit. I get called Nattie mostly. And Nat. And Nattiecakes. XD
  4. girls; Allicole, Rachel, Ansley, Xenia boys; Timothy, Xavier, Aiden, Nikolai
  5. x.Saku, however, is old! I'm getting old, too. ;_;
  6. I've met Rachelgotchi. owo Pretty awesome. There are some others here I'd love to meet. x]
  7. I sleep with a red Valentine's day bear that I named Gordo. o3o And sometimes I sleep with a blue bunny named Blue Bunny (XD) and a pink bunny named Pinkerrz.
  8. Peter Facinelli. Oh my goodness, he is fine for a 35 year old.
  9. I don't remember the exact chronological order, but this year I'm taking; Algebra Physics College prep English Civics/Geography Spanish 1 Physical education Mythology Piano Band Hurr. Going into highschool is going to be fun.
  10. The elementary cafeteria food was pretty good, and so was the middle school cafeteria food but it was a little greasier. I hope the high school cafeteria food is as good as everyone says it is. I kind of feel bad for the people saying they don't have a cafeteria because we have three. XD;
  11. I once got a raisin stuck up my nose and was scared my mom would find out and take me to the hospital. But I got it out after like five minutes. XD Aaand I think I've gotten a Qtip up my nose before. Aha.
  12. I talk to myself. A lot. And I curse. A lot. And... hm. I really like mayonnaise. A lot. XD