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  1. You must really like Llamas...

  2. Have you seen their other videos? Theyre hilarious C=
  3. Sit on one of those toy things where you put money in and pretend to be 3. Works best if you are in a busy place and are quite old!
  4. I'm listening to: Further Away - Evanescence From the album 'Not For Your Ears' 2003 (Bootleg)
  5. WHEEEEEEE I'm not the only one! Wait is that bad? He's mine!
  6. Gaara all the way! He is sooooo cute, well I think so anyway!!!
  7. Whatever you do DO NOT watch 28 days or weeks later. It's scary and it makes you jump. I don't know any scary films that would be okay/. I'm kind of like you though, I can watch a scary movie, have nightmares and then look back the next day and laugh at myself. Anyway I just wanted to warn you about that :-) Peace Out!
  8. I thought Open Water was rubbish, you saw no sharks, not even a dorsel fin! The whole movie was just two people sat in the middle of the ocean waiting to be eaten by these 'make beleive' sharks which had must of forgotten the way to the movie set because there was nil sharks in it!
  9. Is it just me who thinks Gaara is cute??? I know he can be mean but he is awsome!!!
  10. Tamagotchi's Name: Sharna Tamagotchi's Age: 2 Date of Birth: i can't remeber (i've been mourning to much) Date of Passing: Yeserday What Generation? 59 Your Comments: I miss u Sharna!! Come back plz plz plz plz plz plz! She was only 2 years old!! Why did she have to go? If you have any comments the you are free to post them!!
  11. How about for a boy: Cloud James Mike Coke (as shown above in other post) Car Moo Dad Mooshu And for a Girl: Lily Carmen Flower Petal Sky (or Skye depends how you want to spell it) Cally Erin Fern Eva Roxy Scarlet Summer Winter Spring They're just my suggestions if you want to use a name then feel free!!
  12. okay then!! u can close this now if u want!! sorry to bother you!
  13. Which is a cool way to send a tama off because the batteries you need,you can't get every where so instead they are blowing it up!!
  14. I was thinking that on Tama Talk we could have some people who send Birthday cards to everyone!! Say if it was 20/9/06 then all the peoples birthdays that are on that day would get a birthday PM from the Birthday Crew!! (as i call it) So if any guide's or Admin read this then please take it into consideration!! All people are welcome to reply!