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  1. Esther! (:

    I have missed talking to you, I don't know if you check this account anymore, but I just wanted to say hey! (:

  2. Awe, Desy. D: This girl has half a reason to be upset. From her side of the story, it's like she went somewhere for a few minutes and next thing she knew her ride has gone. Obviously, that would be pretty frustrating, but you did all you could. You looked for her for ages, and she wasn't there. That was a confusion - it doesn't make it anybody's fault. And no matter how mad she is, she has no right to call you a "fruity betch". Especially if you've already apologised. You made a mistake, and you've now said sorry. That's all you really need to do, but I know you can go that extra mile to show your friend how much you care and hopefully she'll come around. If she doesn't, this is no longer your problem. It's hers. Good luck, Desy <33
  3. Wow. You guys really have some stuff to work out. My friends and I always say inappropriate stuff at sleepovers. xD It's never been such a big deal. But yesh, you will need to call her. Or speak to her in person. Either way, she must have been a pretty good friend for you to miss her that bad. Talk to her.
  4. Ah, almost too many to list. xD Me+Ksenia: Twins for life. ::] Me+Ahlex: The world WILL run on chocolate sauce. <3 Me+Kat: We stalk holes, and holes stalk us. Me+Krysteh: 'Nuff said. And you're not the screamy fangirl type. <3 Me+Desy+Feebee+Krystal: Clumsy FTW! Me+Beth: CRAYONS!! Me+Shayna: Principals and stalkers work as one. xD Me+Nikkeh: Don't poke squirrels with sticks. Or people. And I'll leave out the more *cough* inappropriate insiders. Ah, what would I do without you guys?
  5. Oh yes, I bring impatient to a whole new level. I can never wait for things to load on my computer, or for Christmas to come. Just little things like that, and I'll freak. I must be such an annoying little friend to have. xDD But then something will entrance me and I will be entertained for hours just looking at pictures/painting or Sharpieing stuff.
  6. Yes, I do. I love sitting down. It's so much easier not to fall! xDD
  7. I love David Tennant. <3 But I haven't actually watched Dr Who over here in America. It was kind of like my England thing. I have been put off it by this girl in my form who is totally and completely obsessed. She has a Dr Who lunchbox, and cuts her sandwiches into Dalek shapes. xDD
  8. My green 'Smile' T-shirt that you guys have probably seen in the Pictures topic, my awesome new jeans, and my pink fluffy slippers. They are love and peace and everything in between. Seriously.
  9. Mine is a picture of me and all my friends just goofing around at one of my sleepovers. It's such a great picture, because we are all captured in our epic moments. One of my friends is sticking her tongue out, the other is looking kind of scared at the camera and waving, and I am on the ground in the middle laughing because I just fell off the couch and my best friend forever is trying to Sharpie my leg. That's the way we roll. <33
  10. Happy:: Sleepover at my best friend forever's tonight. Tired:: It's quarter to eleven. And I am NOT a morning person.
  11. There are almost too many bizarre facts about me to count. My life is one big 'moment'. Whenever one of my friends spaces out, falls over or says something random or airhead-sounding, all my other friends will be like, "It's an Esther moment!". But I love them really. <33 - I eat things that are either way too high in sugar or are not actually supposed to be edible (crayons, glitter, etc). And I still manage to stay freakishly slim. - I pickpocket people when I hug them. Then I give back whatever I stole and start laughing. - I have the most random songs on my iPod, and sing along to them whenever they start playing. (Me: IT'S PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME!) - I draw on my hands and toenails. And show my illustrations to people. - I have no idea what Geography is all about, and my attempt to place all the countries on a World Map was a disturbing fail. - Sometimes I'll pair the randomest clothes together and stay home all day being random. - When I go out to malls with my friends, we are the only ones who find our random antics funny. - I talk too much. Seriously, waaay to much. Even to myself. It's odd. There are really too many things to count. And here are some interesting, slightly more normal facts about me: - I love to be loved. When guys feel protective over me/hug me, I am at my happiest. - I love it when people play with my hair. - I'm one of the rare 7th graders who doesn't find 'The Miracle of Life' absolutely gross. - I sneeze raisins. (That one was a joke)
  12. I don't play music, but I do sing. Loudly. My Mum has actually got really ticked off with me more than once when I'm having a late shower and singing my new choir songs really loudly, and my brother wakes up a few rooms away. Especially since I don't always use my normal singing voice - my voice goes up and down and high and low. I'm a strange girl.
  13. Rap music that goes too fast. xP But rapping is still cool. Me and my guy friend were making up a rap song the other day about school and we started cracking up halfway through. 'Twas very funny, and I have it on video. But we are at school and in our uniforms and although I love all my stalkers, I'm not going to risk it. And it would probably be unfair on him too, of course. So yeah. Oh, and back on topic, I hate songs with swear words in every sentence. Because then my Mum freaks out when she finds me listening to stuff with swears in. xDD That's how I got my week's computer ban a while back. It was horrible, being separated from you guys for a week! <33
  14. ^ Dramatic, much? xDD I lied just now. My parents were watching TV and I walked through the living room for the third time with the brownie I had just stolen from the kitchen. But, being me, I slipped, knocked over the footstool into the pot plant and screamed. My Mum was just like, "Esther, are you stealing brownies from the kitchen again?" And I was all, "No. You know me, Mum, I would never do that." And then my famed innocent smile. It worked, but I am now a liar for the 6758th time. xD
  15. Gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous. <33 If only darn Parental Controls didn't block TC on my computer, I'd be Tamachatting with you guys too. I'll have to make do with regular posts for now. It's so annoying! It's not like I'm going to go looking up inappropriate stuff. Geez, that was one time at 2am when my friends and I were high on caffeine and sugar. But still, I love your poems, Vivi.