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  1. OMG I LOVE THE SHELLS!!! <3 They look a lot more pretty than I expected! And the graphics - so nice! <3 I am officially in love... *_________________*
  2. I am happy too! <3 Agreed. I always wanted to see more options in a Tamagotchi rather than just focus on the characters. The options we know so far of look really promising and I am truly looking forward to get one, though the price is a little bit killing x__X Anyway, I too hope this will be better than the Friends which for me was a total disappointment. That wasn't a rant.
  3. The truth about Giga Pets is that they all are quite the same, just animals to raise are different. When it comes to classic Giga Pets, I recommend getting a 101 Dalmatians, Compu Kitty or Digital Doggie. They are cute and seeing the progress in their health and growth is very satisfying. I also have a Salem the Cat and a Komputer Koala ones, but the problem with Salem is that he does not evolve at all and since I like seeing how the pet changes with time, it's not really my thing. Nice to have in collection though. As for the Komputer Koala, it is cute and it has a wave 2 loud speaker, which means it makes real sounds instead of beeps, but that can become annoying after some time. When it comes to "bigger" Giga Pets, like Giga Farm or Giga Pound, I do not own any of them, but I have seen a video on a Giga Farm and I must say these look super fun. They even have a light option, so you can play with them at night. They are a bit more complicated than the ones I mentioned earlier, but I think they are truly worth getting and I myself am after a Giga Pound. And the last 'brand' of Giga Pets are the new ones, released in 2006. I own one of them, a Tomcat version. They are pretty much like Littlest Pet Shop pets, but they are more needy than LPS and you actually have to take care of them. There are nice animations, lots of locations to discover, shops, etc. They are nice to run along with something more demanding. Well, if I were to choose my favourite one, I guess it would be the 101 Dalmatians one. <3 In fact, I started it an hour ago!
  4. I got an info that this thing here says that in two days from now Bandai will release information about a new Tamagotchi. I'd like someone that more or less speaks Japanese to confirm this info.
  5. There are two of these for sale on a Polish selling website and they're $5 each - they're not worth any more. Plus, it's a Hitorikko - they're super cheap vpets.
  6. Still my v5. I hope it's not lost......
  7. I wish my v5 was finally here... 3 :'(

  8. finally holidays

  9. my hamster died today... it's so quiet now, she was always active in the evenings :(

    1. ChamametchiandMametchi


      I'm sorry about that...I know how you feel about losing a pet that you love...

    2. haileymametchi


      I'm really sorry about that. RIP to your hamster.

  10. still waiting for my v5 ;(

    1. mudkipclove


      Waiting for packages is the worst, I'm climbing the walls waiting for my v-pets to come o_o

    2. tamalover1918


      Hang in there, waiting is tough.

  11. Totally in love with your v5! <3
  12. Should get it tomorrow <3
  13. Poe, Crane, Fitzgerald, Twain... Argh... -.-"

  14. I feel like running my TMGC+C again ;3

  15. I want my exams to be finally over... And there are still 3 before me! Someone write them for me D;