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    My favorite tamas are obviously Leaftchi and Ichigotchi. I have an "Ocean Wave" Tamagotchi Connection V3, and I'm hoping that my tama (Taki) will be a Leaftchi when it's older.

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  1. Furawatchi must be the girl and Leaftchi must be the boy! Am I right?
  2. That's pretty good. If the cheeks were bigger and it had some shine in the eyes, it would be adorable. Nonetheless, you did great.
  3. My first tama was a Tsunotchi. His name was Chibi, and it was on version 3. What was your first tama? (fell free to include it's name, if you liked it or not, special things it did, ect.)
  4. Yeah, I've noticed that over time, some souvinirs go away. What's up with that?
  5. If anyone knows how to get a Young Mametchi, please post.