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  1. i am still annoyed at that idea my sister got an oldie once but she cose to while you had nothing to do with this. also if your tama is an oldie if you took care of it well it can go way past the new year before it dies of age i found a site where a person got the age past 99 days
  2. just get one they can tell you your too old but if you think your not your not!
  3. ok then first of all it has to be a boy then it has to be in the mame family (young mamechis and youngandroidochis only become mamechis) then make the intelligence the higest life skill
  4. yay admin and the guides yay! yay! yay! yay!
  5. admin been helping us for ages and non of us stop and say thank you so i decided to make one saying that. post here to say thank you to admin and his guides thank you!
  6. it's a glich try asking a guide or even better the admin click on your name it by where it says logged in as... the go into my messenger
  7. yesterday my tamagotchi (V4) begame a teenager ()and i played with it until it wouldn't play. i checked it's weight and it says 0 lbs! what the heck!?
  8. i think it's real and cool we may be on the edge of finding out how to get twins! did anything important or bad happen to the tama before then?
  9. yes i like all the tamagotchi connexions but they all ran out of batteries so i don't vote.... for now.
  10. yes i got it yesterday but i must admit it is a bit similar to the v3 and i like the idea of different family's ,life points and even getting snakes in the post how do they fit!?
  11. i don't know but the instructions say that they get a job letter shortly after becoming adults
  12. i cant help you as i only got my V4 yesterday but when it's older then i'll help you out
  13. just a glitch must make your tama unike or somthing maybye there there dilibretly to make them intresting this is the weirdest one I've seen before