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    I love dancing ballet,playing with my tamagotchis,watching movies like harry potter and anything with dakota fanning.

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  1. Hi, Can someone please tell me what i have to do to make the man who is blocking the Bungee blast minigame at section B in the diamond zone?
  2. gigi1

    M3i zero

    Hi, Does anyone have a m31 zero card and knows where to download games from? I had a figth with my stupid brother and now he dosen´t want to tell me where i can download games from. So i´m hoping someone here will help me out
  3. Hi, i don´t know where do post this , Does anyone know how to make their own football shirt with your name? I´ve notice a few people does have that kind of shirts on their websites.
  4. Hi, what´s your favorite lip smacker?
  5. Hi, I´m planning to make chocolate chip cookies but i don´t know to make them plain or with nuts? Which ones do you prefer?!
  6. that´s good to hear, i´ve made one with walnuts and one plain. I liked the walnut one better, if you have trouble finding a good recepie on banana bread i can give you mine, it´s a very good recepie and the bread keeps moist for days:)
  7. Hello, I´ve just discoverd banana bread and i´m wondering if you like it plain or with nuts and chocolate
  8. Hi, I have 2 questions about this game, i wonder why do i have so many weeds in my town, do i need to plant more trees or flowers or do i just pull them out. My second question i really want to find some dinosaur fossils, but i always dig up blue fossils and pitfall seeds. Could you please give me some tips on how i can dig them up?
  9. gigi1


    Hi, i just found out that a neighbour have moved out of my town, and i did notcie it to late because they were new neighbours in town that had already moved in. Is there any way how to get my old neighbour move back to town? I can change the date but i don´t know if that will help. Pls help me out
  10. name: Toshi Town: Lovetown friend code: 4984 4244 2934 Please send me a message if u have added me
  11. Hi, I´m searching for some people who is playing animal crossing wild world and are willing to give out their friend code. I just got a friend code but i haven´t got any friends to play with So it would be soooo nice if u could add me to ur list pls tell me if u have added me so i can add u too:) name is: Toshi Town: Lovetown friend code: 4984 4244 2934
  12. Hi, I just got my usb concetor and i haven´t got any friends to add. I would be awsome to have some pls add me My name is: Toshi Town: Lovetown friend code: 4984 4244 2934
  13. Hi, i don´t know where to post this, i while ago i heard this phrase "loosey goosey" and i don´t know what it means, so i´m asking if maybe you know what it means?
  14. Could you please tell me how i can shot down Guliver?! I did nearly catch him today but he got away does he apperar everyday on certain times or is it random pls help me out
  15. Hi, I wonder how often do the scorpions and tarantulas appear on animal crossing wild world? For example do they show up everyday or on random times?