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  1. =O yes.. just =O =O........=O Ok haven't posted for what seems like about 2 weeks That's because I was on vacation. In hawaii. =O That's not the scary part. The bad thing is... over a "who packed what" miscommunication I think I have lost my v3 tama..=O Still getting over the shock ... I didn't see it on the desk so I thought it had been packed by my mom =O But it wasn't..she told me later. =O Theres probably a .000001 percentage that someone on this forum will find a v3 blue waves tama in NCL's pride of aloha cruise ship in stateroom number 8019...but if you do... Please take care of my tama =O And congrats on getting a free tama I guess ....... byebye *cries* *runs away*
  2. Hinotamatchi Puberty Serious Male/Female Loves Rock'n Roll! Bathroom: About every 2 hours Empties 1 heart about every 60 minutes Empties 1 heart about every hour Intelligence: Level 2 Strength: Muscle 2 Base Weight: 25g Talks like a tough guy, but is really just a good guy with a passionate heart. Will develop from Kinakomotchi or Marutchi, if you are forgetful about caring for it. **"hinotama" means fireball
  3. I named her AMBER..I dunno why, the name just popped into my head. She turned into a Hinotamatchi. Accidently left her off pause one day...(Oops!) She just learned how to play with a ball without hurting/killing herself and breaking into tears! YAY.
  4. How many times do you have to play with the ball in a row to get perfect? This is my log: Fall Fall Fall Fall Fall Fall Fall Land! Fall Fall Land! Land! Land! Land! Land! (YAY! Does this mean she will know how to play on the ball for the rest of her life? How about if she learns to play with another toy? Will she forget?) Land! Land! Land! Land! Land! (YAY I think she got it now!) (One more just to be sure lol) LAND!!! ( YAY )
  5. Yea, it's awesome. If you want to make a final draft by spell checking it before submitting, that would be better.
  6. Where is the cheapest place to get a new battery? How much is the cheapest anyone has gotten one for?
  7. Don't worry, they won't that quickly. Best tip is to just explore. You'll get the hang of it soon.
  8. There's a good guide on Flag right here. I tried the tips and then I won for the first time Hope it helps!
  9. Click the first two buttons on your tama to pause. Pause can go until you want it to unpause. Just click the first two buttons again to do that.
  10. Wow!! Your tips are awesome. The first time I tried this, the first time I have won Flag! Thanks a lot.
  11. If you have a v3, don't be surprised if it takes longer than the expected time..v3 has many glitches
  12. v3 I guess. I like the colors I have the waves one
  13. Yeah, mainly because I'm not exactly in elementary school anymore, and I'm probably the only one in the entire school. It's more of a "yea, but who cares what they think". And my friends don't really care.
  14. Yay! The matchmaker just came (yes ive been messing with the time- I get impatient) and brought along a Memetchi for my Hanatchi. They had a baby girl. It's the first time one of my tamagotchis has had a baby so I'm kinda excited. Yay.