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  1. my tama charecter is like a troll or a oger but its really ugly
  2. i wish i had a fake tama.......... just for fun!!!
  3. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM DEFENETLY DOING THAT IN MY TAMAGOTCHI V3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. people are talking about dibuging your tamagotchi!!!!!!!! they say that if you debug your tamagotchi it will change to another character.........but how do you do that???????? i need to know because my tamagotchi character is sooooooooooooooooooo ugly and i want to debug it!!!!!!!! but how?????? HELP ME.... PLEASE REPLY RIGHT AWAY!!!!!!!
  5. this are ALL the tamagotchi charecters that i want in my v3:
  6. please i really want to get in v3 but how???????????????????????????????//
  7. yore right tamas dont die that quikly but noew it died but stupid of me i putted reset and a new egg appered and now i have to wait until it dies..AGAIN. wait does it work on version 3??????
  8. this should be cruel but, im going to let my tama not be asleep and turn the sound off while i sleep, then when i wake up my tama will be dead so that i can get twins....if this dosent work....ill kill myself!!!!
  9. there are only 3 options: 1.it died 2.u bought the wings at tamaton 3.its just a tama charecter
  10. umm.....u cant get the golden tama unless it dosent say (coming soon) any more!!!!!
  11. how do i get twins?????? i want to know i want to know i want to know!!!!