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  1. Well let’s just start with, WOW. I forgot about this whole website and then remembered 10 years ago how much I loved and cherished this website. Any members for a while here?
  2. My eye color is very dark brown. Looks like black, but there's no such this as black eyes right?
  3. Have you ever had these? (Deja Vu) 'cause I just had one. Sometimes they annoy me because I try to remember when the scene occured & I can't remember well. ):
  4. stupid thing ive done lately. hmm. push my boyfriend while one of our friend came behind and hit him on the back with the bicycle <__<
  5. try painting my nails red. it really was stupid to do cause im horrible in painting nails.
  6. "i like your shirt is all cool and rockish little emo dude girl" - brother <3
  7. yes, i can. i've been grounded for like a month and a half without my phone. and i really like texting and talking on the phone. so yeah it was okay with my phone out of my hands for a while. ><
  8. i have braces -sighs- but it really doesnt matter atleast theyre doing something instead of just siting around there on your teeth enjoying the view. at the first days they really didnt hurt me, but after like a week or so pain started to come :[
  9. at this moment, i have many moods :] Excited. Happy. Tired.(its 12:37am at this moment) and yeah still very excited
  10. Gosh, loser i still can beat you. during a game of marvel vs capcom with my very intelligente brother. (: