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  1. do not get it it is fake the only tamas that are real right now are v1 v2 v3 angel devil entama uratama tamagotchimini and the soon to com v4
  2. binary is right its not ready so thay put it up for some resone then just decided to take it down
  3. twins are not fake just a misuderstanding twins are only able to get by a glitch water angelgotchi when your tama has a kid when a friends visiting geni lamp and the ds corner shop code for the clon item witch makes a clone for a few secounts
  4. debatchis right it canot die on pause
  5. thare is a cheat for the item that is a cloner it stays for a litte while then leves you need at ds and corner shop to get it though
  6. v4s are in the making i dont have the link but its ofichal
  7. thay toke it from me and then did that jeez losers at least i know the truth
  8. i said he stole it from my myspace its being thare for mounths see http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?...iendID=75100151
  9. that kid proble toke that from my myspace i uploadid it a year ago he stole it
  10. all right i think he toke that from my myspace i uploadid it like a year ago that filthy lier toke my pic!!!!!!
  11. thare art twins tahy are fake i just got a glitch or somthing its proble just the tama i have that messis up