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Found 17 results

  1. Hi guys! When I was younger, I had the Tamagotchi Connection V5 in the Argos variant. Sadly, I lost it when I ran away from home several years ago. I'd really like to get another one, but I don't know where to start. I've checked eBay, but there were none for sale. I expect it'd be expensive too because it was a special version here in the UK! I'm going to keep checking eBay each day or so to see if one pops up, but do you guys have any other site recommendations? I have no idea where to start. Just want a piece of my childhood back :)Thank you ❤️ (P.S - I understand this site is not for selling, I'd just like to know the best sites to look on to buy!)
  2. Hi guys! It's so great to be a part of this forum. I wanted to share with you that I recently bought a Tamagotchi and I'm very happy about it as I haven´t owned one since I was 15. I now have kids and they are starting to like them as much as I did when I was a kid! I had bought ones a few years ago from a big distributor, but they were fake and absolute garbage. I'm from Canada. I want to order more, where do you usually buy them? Do you have other suggestions? Thanks
  3. Hello again! For the past year, I've been keeping my eye out for affordable tamagotchi v4s, but all I seem to find are super overpriced ones! I had a v4 as a kid, and there was nothing too special about it from what I remember... Is there a reason these are so insanely overpriced at 100 or more? Is there somewhere online I can find them at a fair price? Thank you in advance! Also, does anyone know when Tama-Go tamas become oldies? My girl is currently 6 and she turned down all 3 dating place offers. Thank you again!
  4. I have recently purchased a Tamagotchi Connection v4, and a v5 used, but in excellent condition on ebay, TM Edit: Topic Title and Post content edited [buying / Trading info removed - site rules]
  5. Hello, I tried ordering a baby pink 4U+ on Hobby Link Japan and did all the necessary stuff (choosing a shipment method, payment option, etc) but my account says I have 0 orders processing... I haven't used HLJ for a while but I could have sworn that preorders are supposed to appear in your orders. Also, my cart is empty... Did my order go through properly or do you think there was some kind of glitch and I have to preorder it again? :0 I didn't get an email either.
  6. I just got $62.30 as a birthday present. I've checked online and there are plenty of tamas within my price range & I'm just wondering what type I should purchase. I did a lot of research but I still can't decide between new gen Japanese ones or original English ones. I can't find any English iDLs (obviously ideal for a white girl) withing $62.30, but I suppose I should be capable of using a Japanese one, although I'm not the most competent Japnese speaker even after 4 years of lessons. I'm leaning towards the P's, especially since I saw an English patch. That's mostly Because I like colour tamas and the shell is really pretty. The 4U doesn't look as good - it only has 10 characters and that useless NFC junk. Pierces also look like a fun way to spend my money. But original v1 to 5 look neato and I saw some v1s for like $3 even though they're most likely not legit. Should I consider saving my money or even buying a tama-type LPS game? This will be my first tama so what do you guys think?
  7. Sorry for being such a noob, but I've never bought a Tamagotchi from eBay before, so yeah... Can someone who knows eBay better help me determine whether my order has shipped yet or not? I don't think it says it has been shipped out... Also, my most recent email from eBay says these things: "Hi Amelia - Order confirmed. eBay will update you when your order ships" and "Confirmed. ETA: Fri. 24 Apr. - Thu. 30 Apr.. eBay will update the estimate when it sends to (insert my address here)" But well, the estimate hasn't been updated and eBay hasn't sent another email saying my order shipped... Does that mean the seller hasn't shipped my order yet? If that's the case, I'll be sad because I placed the order on the 13th and I want the Tamagotchi ASAP! ;-;
  8. Hi all Tama cousin lovers, I have recently decided to expand my collection and was wondering what are the best places online (in your experience) where to buy them? So far, I have been eBay (UK) bound. Cheers! xo
  9. I am so peeved! I bought some stuff from Rakuten (from the seller surugaya-a-too) including a Pashalin camera which SAID it was in stock. It took about a week for the shipping costs to be sent to me in email. I approved it, and just today I got the shipping notice... and I'm so peeved! It lists all the stuff I ordered but the Pashalin camera says, "Out of stock!" Last time I bought from Rakuten the same thing happened with a Tamagotchi manga and when I got the package, no manga! Why does this have to happen? I was really looking forward to that Pashalin! Luckily it wasn't my TamagoChu... **shudders**
  10. Hello everyone, I just ordered 2 Tamagotchi P's at rakuten global market, but they apparently accept credit card only and I have none. Could anybody recommend a website, where I can buy the P's WITH EXPRESS SHIPMENT? I don't want to wait 4 weeks again, like at my iD L. And another question: I found this item ( and wonder if this the P's itself or just package or something like that. because the discription isn't so clear and the price is lower as well. Could anybody help me please?
  11. Hello... I found several cheap things on Amazon, but can I trust that site...? I have a few questions. Does Amazon ship to Australia? Does it accept credit card payment? When I buy from different sellers, will the items come in one package or come in all different boxes from different members? :s Sorry I'm so stupid, but I just want to make sure because there are a few cheap Tamagotchi things I'm interested in buying~
  12. As seen on the Topic Title, where can i get this original Tamagotchi at INDONESIA (Easy payment and shipping)? I want this Tamagotchi version: 1. Dinkie Dino / RakuRaku Dinokun, 2. iDL, 3. TMGC+C, 4. Or all full colors version. Please kindly let me know. Thanks before
  13. I've recently noticed a lot of topics asking for before-buy advice for the iD L, so I decided to put together a topic on things you need to know before buying an iD L. Price: The price is an issue, but most think it's worth it. It's your decision if you think it's worth it too. Unfortunately, since the iD L has been out for almost a year, it (along with the 15th Anniversary and Princess Spacy versions) cannot be found on any safe online shopping sites besides eBay. It is not sold in stores anywhere but Japan. Features: The iD L, as you can guess from the price, has a lot of new features. The following things are available on the iD L without downloads: 2 pre-installed, colour games. The games are simple but fun and last 30 seconds each. 1 meal (rice) and 1 snack (box of sweets). Additional foods, both meals and snacks, can be grown from seeds. Seeds. These can be purchased at TamaDepa (the in-game store) for Gotchi Points, and the next morning will grow into a food or item. Cafes/restaurants. There are three cafes/restaurants on the iD L - the restaurant, the bakery and the Tama Cafe. Parent visit. Once you get past the first generation, when your Tamagotchi is an adult it can visit its parents. Park. At any stage of life, your Tamagotchi can go to the park and may find another character to play with. Happy symbols. By certain adult characters using certain items, happy symbols are obtained. Four happy symbols can be earned for each generation - three are from items, the last is from having your character as and adult for 48 hours (2 days). On TamaTalk's iD L Guide, found in the Tips & Tricks forum, you can see the happy symbols for all the characters. Interior remodels. One of the destinations you can go to is the Interior Shop. There you can purchase, for Gotchi Points, in-game room remodels. There are five rooms on the iD L which all serve a specific purpose: Main room (where your character stays when it's doing nothing in particular), kitchen (where your character goes to eat), bedroom (where your character sleeps), bathroom (where your character uses the bath) and toilet room (where your character uses the toilet). These rooms can all be remodeled so they look different. Garden. On most Tamas, you press B to go to the time screen, but on the iD L it takes you to the garden (pressing it again takes you to the time screen). In the garden, you can receive letters from Tamas you've connected to and grow plants. Clothes. When your Tama is an adult, you unlock TamaMori, a destination where you can buy in-game clothes using Gotchi Points for your adult character to wear. Travel destinations. For every four unique adult characters that obtain all their happy symbols, a travel destination is unlocked. Some of the unlockable destinations are Henshin Jo (where your character can transform into its Henshin Jo alter ego using specific outfits), Patchi Falls, Melody Land and Concert Hall. Tama Pets. When your character is an adult, it can meet baby-stage-character sized creatures called Tama Pets. Once it has met a Tama Pet 3 times, it can adopt the pet. There are 10 Tama Pets to collect, however collecting them does not unlock anything for your Tama. Downloads: Downloads are not essential for the iD L, but most of the Henshin Jo outfits are download items. It is nice to have downloads but if you are reluctant about spending money on an infrared phone, don't get them. If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to PM me or ask questions on this topic! Also, if any of my information needs changing, please let me know.
  14. Today my mom will take my report studies for 3 months. She promise that she'll buy me 1 tama on HLJ or amazon. Which should I buy ?
  15. Sorry for making topics with a lot of questions, but I'm thinking about buying some more Tamagotchi's after I get my Mothra one (Not right away though! I will give it some time before buying others.) I'm not really interested in the Connection ones or whatever the new ones are called, I'm mostly interested in the older ones, but I have a few questions about them that I haven't seen answered elsewhere. Angel Tamagotchi: This one looks very interesting to me, it did when I was a kid too, but all the commercials made it seem like it was only for girls so I didn't buy one (I thought that the people who made Tamagotchi didn't want boys to buy it.) anyways now I'm older (twenty three now, I was like eight or nine when they came out.) and I'm still interested in it, but I'm wondering if it would be better to buy a Japanese version? is there anything in the American version that is different from the Japanese version? I heard some of the characters got taken out or something. Tamagotchi Ocean: This one also looks VERY interesting to me, but from everything I've read it is very VERY difficult to take care of, apparently it can be killed off by Polar bears? but is that the only reason it is difficult to care for? or is it also really demanding, what I mean is there more to it being hard to take care of besides the polar bears. Also I see the secret character in the Japanese version is a mermaid, is it different for the english version? if I do get it which one is better? Mori No Tamagotchi: I've always loved insects so this one is also very interesting to me, but would the people here recommend it? is it hard to take care of? I heard you have to save them from Frogs, and Feet. Tamagotchi Devil: The only thing about this one is the price, the only place I've seen them is on Ebay, and they seem to be hundreds of dollars, which if it's under $300 I might be willing to pay that much, but I'm wary about dumping that much money into a Tamagotchi, and I've seen a lot for even $500! Anyways besides all that one last question, is Ebay the best place to buy them? or is there another site with a good selection and prices? I've already checked Amazon, but they don't seem to have much in the way of the old Tamagotchis. Thanks for any help!
  16. Does anyone know where I can get a tama-go in Australia?
  17. I think i lost my tamagotchi Music Star. I've been looking like crazy, i've practically turned the house upside down. But i can't seem to find it! I really loved that thing, omg. But i think i might have to get a new one. Our local toystore only has Famillitchi, wich i'm honestly not THAT intrested in. But it's okay, i suppose. I have one, wich i can't find either. Should i buy a new one? And wich one do you reccomend?